Definitions for "Gap analysis"
A technique or process for quantifying exposure to adverse consequences from changes in interest rates. A comparison of the total quantity of a financial institution's rate-sensitive assets (RSAs) and rate-sensitive liabilities (RSLs) for each of a number of different future time periods or buckets. Gap analysis is used to evaluate the potential effect of rate shocks on income over these time periods. See gap, rate-sensitive assets, and rate-sensitive liabilities.
A study that is conducted to discover the gap between the current state and the desired state of the enterprise architecture. Note Also an analysis of readiness data collected to assess the gap between an organization's current state of readiness to deploy a solution compared to the recommended state of readiness.
Comparison of the functionality of the selected vendor’s software system as purchased versus the needs of the college, as identified through interviews conducted during college visits and discussions.  The results of the Gap Analysis include a list of items that will require further analysis, parameter setting, discussion, or changes in current college procedures.
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The difference between what is needed and what is available. The difference between where you are and where you want to be.
a critical first step toward compliance with HIPAA and other government regulations, practitioners say
A survey whose aim is to identify the differences between BCM/Crisis Management requirements (what the business says it needs at time of an E/I/E/C) and what is in place and/or available.
A biogeographical technique of mapping biological diversity and endemic species to find gaps between protected areas that leave endangered habitats vulnerable to disruption.
Scientific method used to determine how adequately native plant and animal species and the existing network of conservation lands protects natural communities. Species and communities not adequately represented in existing conservation lands constitute conservation gaps. The idea is to identify these gaps and then eliminate them by establishing new reserves or changing land management practices.
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In the roadmapping process, the gap in technology development between the technologies that exist today or are in the pipeline, and what roadmapping participants conclude are needed.
The process of determining, documenting, and approving differences between business requirements and systems capabilities in terms of packaged application features, etc.
1. The process of determining, documenting, and approving the variance between business requirements and system capabilities in terms of packaged application features and technical architecture. 2. The process of determining and evaluating the variance or distance between two items' properties being compared.
Methodology used to measure the mismatch of maturities and interest rate risk.
Achieved by subtracting satisfaction scores from importance scores to reveal where satisfaction is most falling short of requirements. Requires interval-level data.
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shop in the shop
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an on-line tool used to align industry expectations and program requirements
a simple tool by which the planning team can identify methods with which to close the identified performance gap(s)
Enables a company to compare its actual performance against its potential performance, and then determine the areas in which it must improve.
a review of the company's systems against the applicable Standard