Definitions for "Risk analysis"
A detailed examination including risk assessment, risk evaluation, and risk management alternatives, performed to understand the nature of unwanted, negative consequences to human life, health, property, or the environment; an analytical process to provide information regarding undesirable events; the process of quantification of the probabilities and expected consequences for identified risks.
Identifying hazards, evaluating the nature and severity of risks (risk assessment), using this and other information to determine options and make decisions about reducing or eliminating risks (risk management), and communicating information about risks to decision makers and the public (risk communication).
classical risk analysis, as used in engineering applications for example, is a matrix analysis of type of impact by frequency of occurrence. Risk is predictive, hazard is qualitatively estimated
The evaluation and quantification of all currently known uncertainty, in order to predict likely outcomes and identify strategies for reducing risk to an acceptable level and controlling residual risk.
A review of the uncertainty associated with the research, development, and production of a product, service, or project.
The control of an individual's or company's chances of losing on an investment. Managing the risk can involve taking out insurance against a loss, hedging a loan against interest-rate rises, and protecting an investment against a fall of interest rates. A bank will always try to manage the risks involved in lending by adjusting the level of charges and interest rates to compensate for a percentage of losses.
an absolute necessity in order to give a test manager an advanced indication or warning of where problems might be found
The management of risks to assets: the selection and use of countermeasures
Analysed process used to estimate the extent of possible loss.
The process of evaluating expected medical care costs for a prospective group and determining what product, benefit level and price to offer in order to bear the amount of acceptable risk.
A process whereby cost-effective security/control measures may be selected by balancing the costs of various security/control measures against the losses that would be expected if these measures were not in place.
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a key requirement of the HIPAA Security Rule
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A study of the borrower's ability to repay a loan.