Definitions for "Assumptions"
specifications tentatively stated with a plan or at the beginning of a project so that they can be challenged; matches for a set of site selection criteria or project justifications that are to be challenged in support of the decision making process. See, for example, the assumption under ambient as if it were applicable to a specific location under consideration. Assumptions must eventually be proved to be true or capital invested in expansion, relocation or startup projects is at risk. definition of assumption defined definition of assumptions defined definition of association dues is money paid at regular intervals to an organization dues defined
Beliefs or statements presupposed to be true. View Capstone Lesson(s) that address this concept
Factors which for planning purposes can be considered to be true, real or certain. (PMI)
Conclusion drawn, without logic, on observations. Availability The probability that a system is in its intended functional condition and therefore capable of being used in a stated environment.
External factors which could affect the progress or success of the project, but over which the project manager has no direct control.
Values relating to future trends in certain key factors that affect the balance in the trust funds. Demographic assumptions include fertility, mortality, net immigration, marriage, divorce, retirement patterns, disability incidence and termination rates, and changes in the labor force. Economic assumptions include unemployment, average earnings, inflation, interest rates, and productivity. Three sets of economic assumptions are presented in the Trustees Report: The low cost alternative, with relatively rapid economic growth, low inflation, and favorable (from the standpoint of program financing) demographic conditions; The intermediate assumptions, which represent the Trustees' best estimates of likely future economic and demographic conditions; and The high cost alternative, with slow economic growth, more rapid inflation and financially disadvantageous demographic conditions. See also Hospital assumptions.
Basic understandings about unknown disaster situations on which the disaster recovery plan is based.
Basic understandings about unknown disaster situations that the disaster recovery plan is based on.
Conditions and rules underlying the calculation of a pension benefit, including expected interest, mortality and turnover.
The many conditions and rules underlying the calculation of a pension benefit.
Used in estimation to deal with incomplete information. By making assumptions, team members can leave placeholders for information that can be corrected later, in order to make the estimate more accurate.
The major market assumptions (e.g. estimated future market growth rates) on which the Marketing Plan is based.
The transfer of liability on an exiting mortgage loan contract from the original borrower to a new owner of the mortgaged property.
An agreement by a buyer to assume the liability under an existing note secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. The lender must usually approve the buyer (new debtor) before releasing the seller (existing debtor) from the liability.
The act of assuming/undertaking another's debts or obligations.
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Values in cells you can change to determine new values for formulas.