Definitions for "Capstone"
Integrated circuit containing crypto functions for e-mail applications using the SKIPJACK cipher and the Escrowed Encryption Standard. It failed to find a customer base and is no longer manufactured.
The U.S. Government's long-term project to develop a set of standards for publicly-available cryptography, as authorized by the Computer Security Act of 1987. The Capstone cryptographic system will consist of four major components and be contained on a single integrated circuit microchip that provides non-DoD data encryption for sensitive but unclassified information. It implements the Skipjack algorithm. See also: Clipper.
The U.S. government's project to develop a set of standards for publicly available cryptography, as authorized by the Computer Security Act of 1987. See Clipper, DSA, DSS, and Skipjack.
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a stone that forms the top of wall or building
A stone laid horizontally over a burial chamber. The large, flattened stone seen atop three or more upright stones in a dolmen.
Horizontal stone on top of chamber, passage or dolmen; dressed or otherwise
A program aligning reserve component units scheduled for Europe with their wartime chain of command.
a pyramid that contains the information to allow the pyramid it caps to make contact with other universal systems in the chain of cosmology it arises from and reflects into the Infinite
A fossil echinus of the genus Cannulus; -- so called from its supposed resemblance to a cap.
Keywords:  internship, china, japan, month, three
a three-month internship at a company or organization in Japan or China
This is a special cooperative arrangement or program between AU and another educational, institutional, or professional body. In a typical capstone arrangement, the cooperating institution offers the first two or three years of a degree program and AU provides the final year. The degree is awarded by AU.
a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination
a course or project near the end of a program which integrates knowledge, concepts and skills associated with an entire sequence of study in the program. It emphasizes situations and challenges that exist in the ‘real worldâ€(tm) and measures the studentâ€(tm)s ability to synthesize, integrate and apply their skills and knowledge in terms of the learning outcomes of the program.
a course which students participate in an online business simulation
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Any single unit of masonry at the top of a masonry structure.
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The capstone is the last letter of the first name as it was given at birth