Definitions for "Arcade"
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A long, arched building or gallery.
An arched or covered passageway or avenue.
A range of arches supported on piers or columns. Hence arcade posts if of timber. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 409)
a nice social spot
The place where you went to play your Arcade Machines during your youth of course! Now becoming very rare places. Most arcade's have now either been set on fire by their owners to get out with a nice insurance payoff, or have been turned into gambling pits filled with fruit machines.
Arcade is a fictional character and supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. He first appeared in Marvel Team-Up, Volume 1, Issue #65 (January 1978). Due to the unique nature of both his mannerisms and deathtraps, Arcade became one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Comics universe, and went on to do battle with many other superheroes.
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Arcade is a rock band formed in 1991 by ex-Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy, ex- Sea Hags guitarist Frankie Wilsex , and Cinderella drummer Fred Coury. Its originally proposed name was to be "Taboo".
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n. OK a no brainer
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The Methodist Church
The rounded top stroke forming an "m" or "n" in cursive writing; a writing style where this formation predominates.
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Sing Pac-Man Fever
Building stuffed with computer games (arcade games). Arcades were highly popular in the eighties. Arcade games are almost always action games.
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A shaped, ornamental front part of a natural key.