Definitions for "Columns"
A minicolumn is a cylindrical group of about 100 neurons about 0.023 mm in diameter, extending through all the layers of neocortex and usually organized around a dendritic bundle; the orientation column is an example. Macrocolumns are a hundred times larger in area (and about 0.4 -1.0 mm across) and often more like curtain folds than cylinders; they are typically identified by common inputs, e.g., the ocular dominance columns of visual cortex.
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See Pillars.
Tubes placed in-between layers of wedding cake to create a multi-tiered effect with open air in-between each layer of cake. Unlike separators, columns are clearly visible on the decorated cake and are part of the overall look. Also known as pillars.
columns of text side by side, as in a newspaper
Copy set side by side
the way of dividing up a newspaper page, making it easier to read.
Vertical groupings of data in a Vitalnet table, such as a column for each race group.
Columns are the vertical divisions of a datasheet that are identified by letters.
Vertical load bearing frame components.
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This is Columns, the game. The player can manipulate a bar of colored squares while it drops down. Once it has reached the playing field, points are gained and squares in the playing field disappear, according to certain rules.
Square columns produce poison arrows which can affect the health of occupants. Round them off for better Feng Shui.
Columns are formed when stalactites join with stalagmites as a single structure.
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When the game begins, cards representing a standard playing card deck are dealt face up in random order into 8 columns (with 4 columns of 7 cards and 4 columns of 6 cards.) The "top" of a column is the card closest to the top of your screen and the "bottom" of the column is the one closest to the bottom of your screen.
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Evaporation vessels.
Areas that house channels. Columns can be defined by pixels or percent of page.
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A column contains an item of data within a row.