Definitions for "Vessels"
one of the kinds of xylem conducting tubes. Vessels are tubular in shape and consist of hollow cells placed end to end and connected by perforations.
Wood cells of comparatively large diameter that have open ends and are set one above the other to form continuous tubes; the openings of the vessels on the surface of a piece of wood are usually referred to as pores.
Tube-like structure of indeterminate length in hardwoods which carry water and nutrients from the roots.
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Barges, Boats, Clippers, Ships, Yachts, etc.
236] To dream of vessels, denotes labor and activity. [236] See Ships and similar words.
Vessel lavatory can be fitted to sit on a countertop or partly inset into it. They may also be wall mounted using a special bracket.
Cellular ducts containing and circulating sap in plants. ( GW).
The tube like structures in the circulatory system that are responsible for circulating blood within the body. The three kinds of vessels are arteries, veins and lymphatics. Capillaries are the microscopic structures that connect arteries and veins at the tissues.
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Wales, UK.
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See "equipment."