Definitions for "Capillary"
Resembling a hair; fine; minute; very slender; having minute tubes or interspaces; having very small bore; as, the capillary vessels of animals and plants.
Pertaining to capillary tubes or vessels; as, capillary action.
A minute, thin-walled vessel; particularly one of the smallest blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, but used also for the smallest lymphatic and biliary vessels.
A tube or vessel, extremely fine or minute.
Fine, hairlike tube having a very small opening.
The aggregate which is composed of tiny, thin, straight, long crystal strands; hairlike. Example: Millerite.
Laryngitis Riboflavin
Interferons Riboflavin
Inflammation Resection
Hypertrophy Resection
Intermittent Riluzole
Intermittent Regimen
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Immunogenic Scabies
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Infarction Schizophrenia
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Feb 8, 11:52 AM EST
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Impetigo Receptor
Space In cement paste, any space not occupied by anhydrous cement or cement gel. Air bubbles, whether entrained or entrapped, are not considered as part of the cement paste.
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Incontinence Sigmoid
Iontophoresis Registries
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Laparotomy Rectum
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Hypoxia Secretion
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Infusion Prevalence
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Intravenous Serum
an elongated, tubular structure and has an axial passage through which a length of wire is fed for bonding by the bonding apparatus
(HDH) A hollow bonding tool used to guide the bonding wire and to apply force to the wire during the bonding cycle.
A bonding tool used for ball bonding.
Pores: In these pores the shape of the interface between air and water is determined by the configuration of pores and by forces on the interface. The resulting interface is called the capillary meniscus. The flow of water in these pores is considered to be laminar (movement of fluid particles in a direction parallel to each other) and dominant in soils.
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Ingestion Retina
(effects): forces developing on the surface of a liquid and affecting the form of its border with the ambient medium; the smaller the dimensions, the more sensitive the capillary effects
A phenomenon of soil which allows water to be absorbed either upward or laterally.
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a narrow passage within which the liquid can rise and fall