Definitions for "Arterial"
A major motor vehicle through route
A class of roads serving major traffic movements (high-speed, high volume) for travel between major points.
a main road or course of travel of many branches for high volume travel
Keywords:  hematuria, prazosin, prenatal
Hematuria Prenatal
Hematuria Prazosin
Hepatic Psychogenic
Hepatitis Polyposis
Hepatocytes Psychogenic
Hyperthermia Postoperative
Histology Postoperative
Intermittent Pulmonary
Hyperpigmentation Pulmonary
Hypotension Pulmonary
Keywords:  histidine, proteoglycans
Histidine Proteoglycans
Keywords:  presynaptic, fibrinogen
Fibrinogen Presynaptic
Immunohistochemistry Prophylaxis
Keywords:  perfusion
Keywords:  hernia
Of or pertaining to an artery, or the arteries; as, arterial action; the arterial system.
Of or pertaining to a main channel (resembling an artery), as a river, canal, or railroad.
pertaining to the arteries, e.g. arterial blood.
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Infusion Riboflavin
Keywords:  humeral, prevalence
Humeral Prevalence
Keywords:  puberty
Keywords:  osteopetrosis, fatigue
Fatigue Osteopetrosis
Hypertension Prostaglandins
Keywords:  fistula, phenotype
Fistula Phenotype
Keywords:  femur, pathologic
Femur Pathologic
Hybridization Preoperative
Keywords:  photophobia, glucose
Glucose Photophobia
Keywords:  hypotonia, pulse
Hypotonia Pulse
Heartbeat Progressive
Glomerulonephritis Progressive
Keywords:  hemorrhage, potassium
Hemorrhage Potassium
Keywords:  precursor, fetus
Fetus Precursor
Keywords:  punishment, immunity
Immunity Punishment
Referring to the oxygen-rich, high-pressure side of the circulatory system.
Keywords:  relating
Relating to, affecting or used in arteries.
of or relating to an artery.
Keywords:  hormones, proteins
Hormones Proteins
of or involving or contained in the arteries; "arterial disease"; "the arterial system"; "arterial blood"
from an artery, a blood vessel carrying oxygenated blood away from the heart.