Definitions for "Precursor"
One who, or that which, precedes an event, and indicates its approach; a forerunner; a harbinger.
A substance, cell, or cellular component from which another substance, cell, or cellular component is formed.
Something that precedes, (for example, Levodopa is a precursor to dopamine in that levodopa is converted to dopamine in the brain).
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Either the PAN or pitch fibers from which carbon and graphite fibers are derived.
The PAN, rayon or pitch fibers from which carbon or graphite fibers are derived.
For carbon fibers, the rayon, PAN, or pitch fibers from which carbon fibers are made.
The Precursors are a vanished, ancient, superintelligent race from the Star Control games. They are known to have gained sentience before almost any race and further than all, including the Chenjesu or the Ur-Quan, and then vanished without a clue, presumed to have gone either to "some better place" or become extinct. They didn't clean up after themselves and their various, hyper-advanced artifacts (including the Ultron and the Sa-Matra) have been pivotal in the fates of the younger races.
a phosphorylated glucosamine disaccharide containing one ester and two amide-linked residues of beta-hydroxymyristate
When social trends happen earlier in some places, among some groups of people, the latter are called precursors - and studying them may provide leading indicators. Places such as Scandinavia and California are often considered precursors, as are well-educated young adults. Since the 1960s, the baby boomer generation has been a precursor group in a wide range of ways. Similar to bellwether. Used in emerging issues analysis.
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See Provitamin.
A stream or molecule transformed into a specific product by a reaction or other processing. Refiners, for instance, regard naphthenes as aromatics precursors because they readily become aromatics in reformers.
A molecule which is an ingredient, reactant, or intermediate in a synthetic pathway for a particular product.
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Refers to the previous state in a chain of events. For example, to use an analogy, flour is a precursor of bread.
an indication of the approach of something or someone
a very strong dynamic wind caused by the shell's oblique angle of approach, and its high horizontal speed
anything which develops into a specified thing. An example is an undifferentiated cell from which a certain type of cell develops.
A cell from which other, more mature cells are derived.
Student must have taken Course A before taking Course B, but does not have to pass Course A before taking Course B; however, student must pass Course A to qualify for a Certificate, Diploma or Degree.
A module, the study hours of which a student shall be required to have completed in order to proceed to a subsequent specified module or modules, but for which credit may not necessarily have been awarded.
a system, a change in the activity of which produces the symptom