Definitions for "Pathway"
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A footpath; a beaten track; any path or course. Also used figuratively.
The course on the floor or ground along which the dancer or dancers move. (See also space.)
a one-semester course designed for students who do not meet the English language requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at QUT
A series of related biochemical reactions.
A series of linked biochemical steps, with a beginning and an end; activity within a pathway takes the form of flux, or flow, of molecules; the network of pathways forms the biochemical repertoire or potential phenotypes of a biological system.
a series of enzymatic reactions that goes on inside white blood cells when they perceive themselves to be infected by viruses
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a trodden path
The route that an electrical current will follow, a circuit. Electricity will follow the path of least resistance.
The physical and biological route(s) necessary for the exposure of humans, aquatic and terrestrial organisms or the environment in the receiving territory (country, water body, or other definable unit) to an invasive alien species
A route through which technology transfer takes place, composed of a combination of processes and involving different stakeholders.
a way through something
way for University employees to obtain and pay for products and services. These pathways include Campus Copier Program (CCP), Classified Ads, Direct Payment, Office Supplies, Petty Cash, Printing, Procurement Card, Registration Request, RapidReq, Travel, and Web Requisition.
We have followed our own definition in this regarding a pathway as a unique means by which a living organism may enter New Zealand. There are many pathways. We have deliberately avoided grouping subsets of pathways into a larger set, for example backpackers' luggage is in our view a pathway distinct from passengers' luggage because it has a different risk profile both from the point of view of what is carried and the and the risk sites that are exposed.
The sequence of courses you take during high school
a sequence of learning, experience and development that enables you to progress to higher levels of capability and achievement in the world of work
A sequence of reactions undergone in a living organism. - Any means that allows the entry or spread of a pest.
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a bundle of mylenated nerve fibers following a path through the brain
A set of nerve connections through which information can travel from one brain region to another.
a potential target for breast cancer prevention
In the Video Library, a connection of sources and drains that provide useful processing of video signals. Pathways have controls and video streams. Pathways can be locked for exclusive use, and are the target of events generated during video processing. See also exclusive use and event.
A pathway is a group of (usually) adjacent neurons carrying related neural signals from the same source to the same target.
Emulation software produced by the Wollongong company.
patient’s journey through the NHS from diagnosis of their condition to treatment and discharge.
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an essential part of a garden though it may seem a necessary evil to those who want a minimum of concrete in a limited outdoor space
The path traced as movement proceeds through space. A pathway may be either on the floor or through the air and is constructed of straight and/or curved lines.
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Pathway is the third studio album by The Flaming Stars.
a broadly defined career area in which a student will begin considering career choices
An anticipated plan of care prior to and following an operation or cardiac catheterisation.
The means by which species are transported into a geographical region or into an ecosystem.
A facility for the placement of telecommunications cabling in a building or furniture.
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A mission structure used to get from one place to another.
is a term used to describe a logical progression through a development system.
A connection between two parts of a hypertext document. See also link.
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A system of proteins that work together.