Definitions for "Lifelong learning"
all learning (from cradle to grave, formal and informal)
The concept that individuals need/want to learn throughout their lives. Lifelong learning includes everything from preschool to kindergarten through coroporate training, job skills training, and learning for the sake of learning.
The provision for continuous training and learning opportunities both in and outside the academic environment.
the ability / desire to develop and maintain information literacy as a means for making informed decisions throughout one's life. iterature: the body of written works in a particular language. ocate: to find. apping: an organized visual representation of ideas that are viewed graphically as a whole.
Non-credit instruction of a community service nature other than recreational and leisure time.
An ongoing process in which an individual actively seeks to understand and contribute to change.
a category of courses that are designed to review and improve a student's competencies. Students do not earn college credit for these courses.