Definitions for "Formal learning"
Formal learning is a type of learning that can be instructionally designed, formalized (also in form of e-learning), and taught. Formal learning is an important part of learning process. It works best for novice learners who are yet to build some knowledge framework. See also informal learning".
Formal work-related adult education is defined by the presence of an instructor and includes a college degree or post-degree certificate program for work-related reasons, a vocational degree/diploma program for work-related reasons, an apprenticeship program leading to journeyman status in a skilled trade or craft, and work-related courses (training, workshops, seminars, courses, or classes taken for work-related reasons).
a type of education or training program in which course designers and developers identify the intended outcomes long before the course begins and learners are only considered to have successfully completed the learning program when they demonstrate successful mastery of these outcomes. Contrast with informal learning.