Definitions for "Enrichment"
The act of making rich, or that which enriches; increase of value by improvements, embellishment, etc.; decoration; embellishment.
The process by which the proportion of one isotope of an element is increased relative to the others.
The physical process of increasing the concentration of the uranium-235 isotope relative to the predominant uranium-238 isotope in natural uranium. For PWR fuel the proportion of uranium-235 is typically increased from 0.7% to between 3% and 5%. Current technologies are the gas centrifuge process and the gas diffusion process, both of which use uranium hexafluoride as their feedstock.
The reseeding of a previously planted area with additional desirable species of plants.
Additional courses outside those required for graduation.
Addition of oxygen to air to raise combustion efficiency, such as reverberatory furnaces, glass tanks, cupolas, etc.( 0301)
Valuable and activities that are interesting and engaging, and designed to supplement learning outside of the classroom.
Activities intended to supplement the regular academic curriculum. Enrichment activities may include special projects, guest speakers, concerts, museum visits.
Experiences and activities scheduled that are above and beyond the basic curriculum offered in the classroom or the school. The emphasis is on breadth of knowledge as opposed to worrying about speed or level.
an added ornamentation usually consisting of lines of bead, bead and reel, dentils, egg and dart, fret, guilloche, honeysuckle and various leaf designs.
Phenomenon associated with heterogeneous nucleation where partitioning of vapor phase compounds, such as metals, nucleate as particles or on very small particles.
planned opportunities that are intended to further deepen children's knowledge, skills, concepts and understanding.
Provides opportunities to extend and challenge students with advanced units of work.
Deeper coverage of content often provided for gifted students (not to be confused with differentiation or acceleration).
act of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding
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An evening event held among Relief Society sisters with the goal of self-improvement.
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As required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, long grain white rice is enriched with vitamins and minerals as listed on the individual package. For more details about a specific rice product, please refer to the Products tab above.
covering a subject in greater depth than is usual, or tackling subjects not usually covered.
(also known as "selective enrichment") - selection for particular organisms that can grow under given selective conditions.