Definitions for "Opportunities"
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The potential for improving the value of the project results. [D04167] CSM
A company's opportunities are the gains it has the potential to realize. It may have the potential to gain market share, the ability to raise cash by divesting of less-profitable units, etc. Opportunities are also part of a SWOT analysis, the abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Unique and differentiating qualities or values that build on existing assets. For the nonprofit the best earned-income opportunities lie within your strongest assets.
Employment Opportunities Internships RFPs/RFQs
are the sales and pending deals that you want to track. By adding opportunities, you are also building your "pipeline", which will contribute to your forecast. You can also link opportunities to campaigns to help measure the ROI of your marketing programs.
A chance to improve the organization even in the absence of specific problems.
favourable circumstances for action; good chances for achieving an end or purpose
The marketplace openings that exist because other retailers have not yet capitalized on them.