Definitions for "ROC"
A monstrous bird of Arabian mythology.
A mythical Arabian bird said to be so enormous that it's wings could eclipse the sun, and it could carry off an elephant.
Giant eagles that were large enough to block out the sun with the shadow of their wings. They were said to prey on elephants and other large animals. These birds come from Arabian legends.
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Return on Capital. A measure of how effectively a company uses the money (borrowed...
Return on Capital. Same as Return on Invested Capital.
RETURN ON CAPITAL. A measure of how productively an entity's average capital for EVA has been employed. It is calculated by dividing NOPAT by average EVA capital.
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Receiver Operating Curves. A graph that shows how the false rejection rate and false acceptance rate vary according to threshold.
Royal Observer Corps
rear operations center
Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum
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Roc was a Fox network sitcom which ran from 1991 to 1994. It starred Charles S. Dutton as Baltimore garbage collector Roc Emerson and Ella Joyce as his wife Eleanor.
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Republican Organizing Committee. started in 1943 by a group of four state senators, the ROC was a well organized group within the Republican party that was opposed to the Non-partisan League and Sen. William Langer, who they felt had not run the state to the best interests of the people. They accepted state institutions that were started by the NPL, and also called on all groups such as farmers, laborers, and businessmen to unite and work for the prosperity of North Dakota. They eventually forced the NPL to merge with the Democratic party and the North Dakota became a two-party state.
Review Oversight Committee
Rules of Conduct; pretty self-explanitory, and found in most MMORPGs. Usually includes terms about not being a jerk and not using copyrighted names for your character, and what will be done if you violate the rules.
rules of confrontation
Republic of China, the official name of China from 1911 to 1949. Although the ROC government has ruled only Taiwan since 1949, it still claims to be the legitimate government of all China, including Tibet.
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Renewables Obligation Certificate. Eligible renewable generators receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for each MWh of electricity generated. These certificates can then be sold to suppliers. In order to fulfil their obligation, suppliers can either present enough certificates to cover the required percentage of their output, or they can paya 'buyout' price of £30 per MWh for any shortfall. All proceeds from buyout payments are recycled to suppliers in proportion to the number of ROCs they present.
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Reservation of capacity. Utility customers of BNFL seeking to plan the use of MOX fuels in their nuclear reactors indicate the quantity and timing of MOX fuels required and reserve a production slot on the SMP as a pre-contract step.
The value each customer brings.
The rate at which a business creates value from any given amount of customer equity. Mathematically, ROC is the sum of a firm's current-period profit from its customers, plus any changes in customer equity, divided by the total customer equity at the beginning of the period.
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The Commission's Register of Crofts
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Reactive Organic Compounds - same as ROG
Rate of Change. A momentum oscillator that measures the percent change in price from one period to the next. The oscillator can be used as any other momentum oscillator by looking for higher lows, lower highs, positive and negative divergences, and crosses above and below zero for signals.
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Rest Of Canada. This term refers to Canada outside Québec.
Abbreviation for "radius of curvature."
Raid on Chip. Single chip that provides hardware RAID protection by combining features and functionality that previously required separate components; a single chip design allows smaller form factors, lower power consumption, increased performance, and reduced cost.
Run of Category. In this type of campaign, a banner ad will display anywhere within a category on a web site or in an ad network.
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Rate Of Climb
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Registrar of Companies
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Recovery Oriented Computing
Roc Oil Company Limited and its related entities.