Definitions for "SURVIVOR "
Bloomington award for unrestored, mostly original Corvette.
Bloomington award for unrestored Corvette with a majority of original components. T U V W
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a fitting testament to the American spirit as displayed by Klimitas in a time of great uncertainty and devastation
Survivor is a popular reality television game show produced in many countries throughout the world. In the show, contestants are isolated in a remote location and compete for cash and other prizes. Survivor, based on the successful Swedish show Expedition: Robinson, is commonly considered the mother of American reality TV because it was the first highly-rated and profitable reality show on broadcast television in the USA.
Survivor (UK) was the British version of the American reality show Survivor. The show was broadcast by the ITV1 network. It hit screens in the United Kingdom in 2001, with huge promotion and hype from tabloid newspapers.
One who survives or outlives another person, or any time, event, or thing.
one who outlives another; "he left his farm to his survivors"
A person who is entitled to a benefit based on the service of a deceased employee or annuitant.
a minister who has gone through the process of church conflict or forced termination
Survivor is a novel by Chuck Palahniuk. A satire of our commercial culture, it is the story of Tender Branson, a member of the Creedish Church, a death cult. In it, every member learns how to be a servant for the human race—most of them are butlers and maids—and fear most human pleasures.
Survivor is a science fiction novel by Octavia Butler. First published in 1978 as part of Butler's "Patternist series", Survivor is the only one of Butler's early novels not to be reprinted after its initial editions. Butler has expressed dislike for the work, referring to it as "my Star Trek novel."
A survivor is an eligible spouse or minor child who has survived a deceased member and is entitled to either a continuing allowance or a lump-sum death benefit. The member's surviving spouse receives a monthly allowance for life, whereas a surviving minor child receives an allowance for as long as she remains eligible.
A person eligible to receive a monthly pension benefit in the event that the employee or pensioner passes away
A surviving spouse, co-owner, or beneficiary.
The Survivor tournaments are a series of writing tournaments that are held three times a year, along with two iterations of a spin-off series of tournaments called Rurouni Taikai. Originally held at Final Fantasy Online and, the Survivor tournaments are now based out of Random Insanity, though the tournaments themselves are often held at other message boards.
An individual who has lost a friend or loved one to suicide.
You are a survivor from the time you find out you have cancer, through your treatment and for the rest of your life.
(see cancer survivor)
SURVIVOR is yet another systems monitor. It consists of a POSIX-thread based scheduler written in C++ running arbitrary checks in a flexible, heterogeneous, bureaucratic, and convoluted environment. It maintains proper state, history, sanity, and attitude, and allows interaction via Web, command, and two-way messaging interfaces.
a dramatic soundscape that showcases Rae on both flute and piano
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a live spot at game's end
A type of football pool where players only pick one team to win each week. If their team wins, they stay in the pool, if they lose, they're out of the pool. Players cannot use teams more than once per Survivor session. Groups may restart their Survivor Pool during the season if the pool ends early and a player wins.
This article is about the 1987 Topo Soft game. For the PC game based on the TV series see Survivor (PC game). For the adventure game see Survivor (adventure game).
an animal that survives in spite of adversity; "only the fittest animals were survivors of the cold winters"
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Any Cal that shows up in modern times
one who lives through affliction; "the survivors of the fire were taken to a hospital"
a live spot in an exhausted position
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a unique book and DVD combination that educates and empowers
a person who has been through the mental health system, perhaps is continuing with the mental health system, but is surviving and has started the road to recovery