Definitions for "recovery"
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The part of the rowing action between the release and the catch in which an oar is positioned for the next stroke.
The part of the stroke between the release and the catch during which the oar travels in air and the seat usually returns to the stern end of the slide.
The time between the release and the catch, when the oar is not in the water.
Restoration from sickness, weakness, faintness, or the like; restoration from a condition of mistortune, of fright, etc.
A term used to describe any move that restores HP without inflicting damage on an opposing pokemon.
The act of resetting a system, or data that is stored in a system, to an operable state following damage. (2) The process of rebuilding databases by restoring a backup and rolling forward the logs associated with it.
A term used in process metallurgy to indicate the proportion of valuable material obtained in the processing of an ore. It is generally stated as a percentage of valuable metal in the ore that is recovered compared to the total valuable metal present in the ore.
the proportion of valuable material obtained during mining or processing. Generally expressed as a percentage of the material recovered compared to the total material present.
( récupération ou recouvrement) Money which reduces the amount of a claim or loss (e.g. contribution from another insurance policy, third parties responsible for the loss or the sale of salvaged or recovered property).
The act of recovering, regaining, or retaking possession.
In rowing, the act of regaining the proper position for making a new stroke.
Act of regaining the natural position after curtseying.
A personal process of changing one's attiudes, values, feelings, goals, skills and/or roles… involves the development of new meaning and purpose as the person grows belyond the effects of psychiatric disability (adapted from p.37)
A personal process of overcoming the negative impact of a disability despite its continued presence. Like the victim of a serious accident who undergoes extensive physical therapy to minimize the impact of damaging injuries, people with active addictions as well as serious, disabling mental illnesses and developmental disabilities can also make substantial recovery through symptom management, psychosocial rehabilitation, other services and supports, and encouragement to take increasing responsibility for self.
The process of reducing or ceasing consumption of destructive substances and/or the enactment of compulsive behaviors, followed by the creation of a new personal life within a supportive social environment.
a generic term encompassing the re-employment, reuse, recycling or regeneration of waste. Among the various types of energy recovery are: - waste-to-energy recovery: recovery of calories contained in incinerated waste, allowing thermal or electric energy production; - physical recovery: waste treatment enabling reuse, re-employment, or recycling (e.g. waste originating from selective collection and recycling, bottom ash used for roadbeds); - biological recovery: an organic waste processing technique using composting or methanization techniques.
Any activity carried on for the purposes of reclaiming or re-using, in whole or in part, the waste and any activities related to such reclamation, recycling or re-use, including any of the activities specified in the Fourth Schedule of the Act, and waste recovery activity shall be construed accordingly.
The process of obtaining materials or energy resources from solid waste. (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, 245.101).
After heavy braking, the return of the brake to a "normal" level. A measure of the ability of the friction material to perform after overheating.
(r) the degree to which a rubber product returns to its normal dimensions after being distorted.
The disappearance of toxicity effects in an organism and return to normal function and behavior.  If this occurs, it often occurs at some point in time after sublethal exposure to a chemical has ended.
Improvement in the status of listed species to the point where the measures provided by the Endangered Species Act are no longer necessary.
The process by which the decline of an endangered or threatened species is arrested or reversed, and threats neutralized so that its survival in the wild can be ensured. The goal of the ESA is for the recovery of listed species to levels where protection under the ESA is no longer necessary.
The process by which the decline of an endangered or threatened species is arrested or reversed, or threats to its survival neutralized so that its long-term survival in nature can be ensured.
The process of rebuilding data after it has been damaged or destroyed. In the case of remote copy, this involves applying data from secondary volume copies.
The process of rebuilding databases after a system failure.
In the ARMP, recovery is defined as assessment, research, or development and implementation of regulations pertaining to rebuilding depressed abalone populations. Recovery currently applies to five abalone species in central and southern California: red, pink, green, black, and white.
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The amount of soil or rock sample obtained from a borehole by use of any soil sampling device. May be expressed as the ratio of sample length obtained to the length of sample attempted.
The amount of solute (sample) that elutes from a column relative to the amount injected. This is most often used with protein separations in which proteins "hang up" on active sites of the packing in certain columns.
A term describing the amount of a sample that actually elutes from a column relative to the amount originally introduced into the system, typically described as a "percent." This is particularly important with some biological analyses, where certain sample components tend to "hang up" in the stationary phase and bind active sites for future analyses.
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A period in a business cycle following a recession, during which the GDP rises.
A period in the economic cycle when new growth begins. Recoveries are often characterized by an upturn in the economy as a result of stimulatory economic policies, rising consumer confidence, falling inflation, low bond yields and rising stock and commodity prices.
In a business cycle, the period after a downturn or recession when economic activity picks up and the gross domestic product (GDP) increases.
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In reverse osmosis processes, indicates the amount of product water taken from the feed water stream; expressed as a percentage of product water flow rate to feed water flow rate.
Permeate or product water per unit of membrane feed, typically expressed as a percentage.
Percent of raw water (or liquid) converted to permeate.
To place a shot in a good position from a bad position.
Referring to a player's shot. A shot played back into a good position from a hazard, rough, or a generally unfavorable position.
(aka: "recovery shot", "trouble shot") a shot that is played to extricate oneself from trouble after an errant shot. Example: "Megan hit a spectacular recovery shot from the trees to within 6 feet of the cup."
The amount of metal content extracted from ore, as a percentage of the actual metal content.... more on: Recovery
The percentage of contained metal extracted from ore in the course of processing such ore.
Actual volume of juice recovered during extracting operations divided by volume determined by the state test house and paid for by the processor.
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is a value that reinforces the concept of mental illness as a temporary condition. S (Back to Top) Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of antidepressants that primarily blocks the action of the transporter protein for a neurotransmitter, serotonin, thus leaving more serotonin to remain at the synapse.  These medications appear to be effective because serotonin is directly involved in the body's ability to regulate moods.  Examples of these medications include such brands as Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, and Zoloft. 61
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Recovery is the first e-book and seventh installment of The New Jedi Order series set in the Star Wars galaxy. This short story by Troy Denning sets the stage for much of the novel Star by Star and shows a slow reconciliation between Han Solo and his wife Leia Organa Solo. The mass market paperback Star by Star begins with Recovery as essentially a lengthy prologue; the hard-cover however, does not.
The percentage of the situ commodity being mined for that is actually recovered after the beneficiation process.
(1) The amount of core recovered compared to the amount cut.(2) The height of fluid in the drill pipe on a drill-stem test which did not produce enough fluid to rise to tlme surface.(3) The total volume of hydrocarbons that has been or is anticipated to be produced from a well or field.
The amount of mineral separated and recovered in a mill, and expressed as a percentage of that calculated to be the original ore.
The amount of a deduction or creditable expense paid in a previous year that is later refunded to the taxpayer. The recovered amount must usually be included in income in the year it is received, to the extent of the previous tax benefit.
In DPM, the process by which an administrator or end user recovers previous versions of shares, volumes, folders, or files from the shadow copies on the DPM server. See Also: protection
Periods when a system has insufficient capacity to meet required demand, congestion will grow indefinitely (see Murphy's curve as well). Such overflows can create havoc to work-in-process inventories, or extreme frustration to system users. After such an episode, the system needs some recovery time. This is a period when capacity is significantly greater than demand, enabling the previous overflows to be reduced. If there is not enough recovery time before the next surge in over-capacity demand, then the system just gets worse and worse.
A Trait, representing the speed at which the wrestler recovers Intensity when resting.
gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury
means monies paid to the Covered Person by way of judgment, settlement, or otherwise to compensate for all losses caused by the Injuries or Sickness whether or not said losses reflect medical or dental charges covered by the plan.
The use of depreciation of assets to offset costs; or a new period of rising securities prices after a period of declining security values.
An upward price movement after a decline. Registered Representative A person employed by, and soliciting business for, a commission house or futures commission merchant. See also Associated Person.
Rising prices following a decline.
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The act of bringing an arm or leg back to the drive, push, or stride position.
The action of resuming the guard position after having lunged.
getting back to the On Guard position.
The obtaining in a suit at law of a right to something by a verdict and judgment of court.
Reclaiming something of value. Money collected by a creditor before or after obtaining a judgment in court.
Generally, compensation or restriction of a right obtained as a result of the formal judgment or decree entered by a judge.
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Recovery was a music and youth interests television series broadcast by ABC TV. It was aired each Saturday morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm following Rage. It aired from 1996 to its last show on 29 April 2000.
For purposes of this plan, refers to a population level that ensures the persistence and viability of naturally-producing populations of white sturgeon and provides opportunities for beneficial use if feasible.
An encounter with a banded bird that is not alive, i.e., one that may have been killed when it flew into a window or vehicle, was taken but not eaten by a cat, etc. Recoveries provide information about bird dispersal, longevity and migration.
The recovery is the amount of money or other compensation a winner in a lawsuit receives.
The Insurer's right which envisages the possibility of seeking compensation from the third parties responsible for the damage once this has been paid out. Recovery may be waived and in this case a special clause must be included in the policy.
The period of jogging or inactivity between efforts. Recovery can be measured in time or distance. For example, pause for one minute between intervals or jog 200 metres before launching into another effort.
a compact and powerful undelete
For an alloying additive this refers to how much of the alloying element in the master alloy or compacted additive ends up in the final alloy.
Location and removal of deceased victims. Also, the time needed for a firefighter to spend in rehab before being considered ready to continue working the incident.
The collection and storage of refrigerant from any system or equipment, containment vessels, etc., in approved external recovery storage cylinders, or in drums for low pressure refrigerants during servicing, repair, or before equipment disposal.
The collection and storage of controlled substances from machinery, equipment, containment vessels, etc., during servicing or prior to disposal without necessarily testing or processing it in any way.
As applied to endurance riding, the speed with which a horse's heart and respiration rates approach normal after he has been subjected to the stress of hard work.
The patient's quick recovery surprised everyone, including her doctor.
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A Characteristic (REC) which measures how fast a character Recovers from taking damage. An Action in which a character gets back his REC worth of STUN and END. All characters get an automatic Recovery in Post-Segment 12. This is also called “taking a Recovery.
The surgical procedure of removing an organ from a donor.
The surgical removal of organs and tissues intended for transplantation this is performed in an operating room.
Resonance strategy Risk Mitigation
Recovery refers to the day and time when the spacecraft lands and human, animal and plant organisms are re-introduced to earth gravity; sometimes abbreviated R+0, to indicate zero days after recovery, i.e., day of landing.
The increase in fuel moisture as a result of increased relative humidity, usually occurring overnight. The general term used to describe the maximum overnight value of atmospheric relative humidity.
The amount of net collections of a bankâ€(tm)s assets.
The dollars collected subsequent to a purchase, net of expenses, on a guaranteed loan.
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Reduction or removal of work-hardening effects, without motion of large-angle grain boundaries.
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1/2á3/4§ Re-crystallisation
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The issuer’s attempt to collect the balance owed on a charged-off account.
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The getting, or gaining, of something not previously had.
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(Recovery Manager User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
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Amount recovered from a third party responsible for a loss on which a claim has been paid.
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Red herring Red lining
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See: chemical recovery