Definitions for "Refining"
The final stage of metal production in which impurities are removed from the molten metal.
Manufacturing petroleum products by a series of processes that separate crude oil into its major components and blend or convert these components into a wide range of finished products, such as gasoline or jet fuel.
The process of removing the precious metals from the alloying metals to improve the purity of the precious metals.
The process of cutting, breaking, and flattening the cellulose fibers in pulp. In order to form a strong, flexible paper, pulp fibers need to be flattened and frayed. The refiner has metal discs that can be adjusted to create longer or shorter fibers.
The process of increasing the surface area of cellulose fibers to multiply the number of contact points between them to facilitate their intertwining. Imparts such characteristics as increased capacity to absorb water and improved sheet formation.
was originally beating out any lumps left in the pulp before it passed to the papermachine but is now used for the final beating of wood pulp. See Disc refiner.
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see smelting.