Definitions for "Mineral oil"
a liquid blend of petroleum hydrocarbons obtained. An effective solvent for removing oil, grease and makeup from the skin. Comedogenic. May be drying with prolonged use. Most companies no longer use mineral oil in products; vegetable oils have been found to be as effective and more skin friendly.
A type of clear, often colourless oil used as a lubricant in drilling muds; in purified form used for human and animal medicinal purposes.
Lubricant base oil that is derived from crude oil in the refining process. The refining process can produce basestock fractions of different quality, examples include solvent refining and hydrotreating. Mineral oils are commonly used for conventional, industrial, and automotive lubricants.
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Mist drilling MMCFD
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A substance used to loosen stuck shed and to treat constipation. For more information, see the First Aid Kit page.