Definitions for "POL"
the HIV gene that encodes the replicative enzymes (protease, integrase, reverse transcriptase); also the protein produced by that gene.
An HIV gene that encodes the viral enzymes protease, reverse transcriptase, and integrase.
a gene of HIV that codes for the enzymes protease, reverse transcriptase and integrase.
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Poll character. Sent by the host to request reader data. For User Defined Multi-Drop protocol, you must define a unique character for each reader on a data line.
Pol is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels in the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies and is the hero of the Dragon Star trilogy.
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Prest-o-Lite fitting. A fitting used exclusively for flammable gases. Easily identified by the notches in the hex of the fitting. All POL fittings are tightened by turning counter-clockwise.
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etroleum, il, ubricants; a class of target
A pol (pronounced as pole) is a housing cluster which comprises many families of a particular group, linked by caste, profession, or religion. Pols are typical of urban centres in Gujarat especially of Ahmedabad.
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Early Polish Pedigrees
Post Office Limited. The company that owns or franchises the network of Post Offices throughout the UK. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Mail Holdings plc.
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See posterior ocellar line
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Fortified gateway.
Politicians; persons responsible for making strategic decisions and the legal framework for social and health care; here: addressees of recommendations
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Indian for 'gate'.
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Possession-Only Licence
the Polish grade of the diamond as assigned by a laboratory.
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Music File
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a person active in party politics