Definitions for "Diamond"
A precious stone or gem excelling in brilliancy and beautiful play of prismatic colors, and remarkable for extreme hardness.
The smallest kind of type in English printing, except that called brilliant, which is seldom seen.
A carbon based mineral created under extreme pressure and temperature. Diamond is the hardest of all known substances and exists in a variety of colours ranging from white to fancy colours.
The infield; the square space, 90 feet on a side, having the bases at its angles.
that part of a baseball field that makes up the infield
the area of a baseball field that is enclosed by 3 bases and home plate
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a beautiful gift that lasts forever
a beautiful thing
a chunk of coal made good under pressure
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a classic symbol of deep commitment towards your near and dear ones, so we make every piece with utmost love and affection
a symbol of enduring love and commitment
a symbol system designed for facilities to inform emergency responders of the types and quantities of hazardous materials stored or used in a facility
A molded pattern of lines with flat diamond shapes recessed between them. May also result from a straight optic being used twice with the piece being twisted while hot to produce diagonal lines and by threading and then pinching the threads together at intervals.
A basic four-ramp interchange between a freeway and a surface street. The four diagonal ramps, one in each quadrant, suggest a diamond shape. See the Diamond page.
A pattern whose elements are arranged along diagonal (diamond) lines. Details...
Optimara super miniature variety. See Little Diamond.
Diamond was Sir Isaac Newton's favorite dog, which, by upsetting a candle, set fire to manuscripts containing his notes on experiments conducted over a course of twenty years. According to one account, Newton is said to have exclaimed: "O Diamond, Diamond, thou little knowest the damage thou hast done" (or alternatively "O Diamond, Diamond, how little knowest thou the mischief thou hast done").
Blown glass pattern made by tooling and nipping. Known a "nipped diamond-wise" ordip'd diamond waise." Method of blowing a gather of glass into a ribbed mold, where glass rods were held into the rib, and then nipping the rods to form the diamond (or diapered) pattern. Glass blown into a mold with a diamond pattern, and expanding it after removal.
Brand of horseshoes and farrier tools since 1908.
a many faceted stone which displays an unique brilliance each time it sparkles in the light
a very hard stone and is unchangeable and adamant in its nature
A womans idea of a stepping stone to success.
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Diamond was the female half of a mascot duo alongside her male counterpart, Ace, as the Toronto Blue Jays' official mascots. Both were introduced in 2000 as mascot replacements for BJ Birdie. Like her predecessor, Diamond resembled a large blue bird.
an Jesuit-trained Ignatius Director, whose church in Cincinnati are wanting to bring Reconciliation with the homosexual community and who believe in the ordination of Homosexual priest Gene Robinson
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a Hard Rock", was released the same year, and they toured as support to Styx, Ted Nugent and Kiss to promote this second album, which was an improvement on the debut
a rock, but it is not the kind of rock I have in my driveway
a very hard, shiny jewel
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a Boy's Best Friend In the first episode of Walt Disney's two-part
a girls best fr
a Girl's Best Friend
A geometrical figure, consisting of four equal straight lines, and having two of the interior angles acute and two obtuse; a rhombus; a lozenge.
A pointed projection, like a four-sided pyramid, used for ornament in lines or groups.
The most compact setup of four cups. [ More Info] See Also: Setup
a magnifcent example of "barosynthesis"
a purchase that will last generations, truely a reminder second to none of your memorable trip to South Africa
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a congealed drop of sunlight
A defensive alignment (similar to the box) often used by a team defending against a power play.
A defensive formation, used when a team is short-handed, in which the four remaining skaters form into a diamond arrangement.
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a crowning glory
an online jewelry store offering titanium wedding bands and some other signals that were so deep she couldn't get them out
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an exceedingly rare item
a popularway to mark the starting point of the course
a popular way to mark the starting point of the course
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an analogy for the self
a decision point
The Diamond is a mathematical point that corresponds to position of the Sun when it is at Perihelion (that point in its apparent orbit when it is closest to the Earth).
Resembling a diamond; made of, or abounding in, diamonds; as, a diamond chain; a diamond field.
a piece of glass that there is an overabundance of already mined and HIGHLY CONTROLLED commodity like GOLD to keep the price up
Taking corners by driving into them fairly straight and then making a sharp turn in the middle of the corner. The car will then drive out of the corner fairly straight. This will give a diamond-shaped trajectory around the track.
referring to designs dominated by diamond shapes.
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a prism that refracts, or bends, light rays, breaking white light into a spectrum of color and directing it to the observer's eye
a hybrid pattern, a mixture of a triangle and a head and shoulders pattern and is sometimes referred to as two triangles back to back
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The mesh opening formed by the woven wires in chain link fence fabric.
a solid body formed
A distributor who has personally sponsored six distributors who have reached the direct level.
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a gift for all occasions
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a wish come true
The name given to a consultant who has successfully completed the application process. Every consultant in the network is a diamond. The number of diamonds allocated to a consultant would indicate their performance rating in the performance payment plan
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See Poker Diamond.
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One of a suit of playing cards, stamped with the figure of a diamond.
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What the pins are set up on/as
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an extremely unique item with a personality and
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an investment, too
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See Crossing.
an expression of individuality
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Card of Diamonds.