Definitions for "Distributors"
a national distributor for embroidery machines, embroidery
a national d SWF Commercial Embroidery Machines, Equipment, Software and Supplies USA
Resellers that sell our boxed product on a mass scale
Companies that, for a fee, represent publishers by handling the warehousing and shipping of books to retailers. They sometimes request an exclusive relationship with publishers and serve as the source for wholesalers.
In the 2020 program, the wholesalers who sell beverages to retailers and who initiate the payment process by recording each sale and sending a refund value (the California Redemption Value, or CRV) to the Department of Conservation for deposit into the California Beverage Container Recycling Fund.
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a great example of the strength of the Pyxis Mobile brand and of the growth potential of the company
Local electrical utilities, also known as local distribution companies (LDCs). LDCs take power from high-voltage transmission lines, "step-down" the electricity to a low-voltage level and provide it to local consumers.
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Independent organizations outside the U.K. and The Netherlands that contract with OCLC PICA service centers to provide OCLC PICA services. See: List of Distributors Northern, Southern and Middle East & Africa.
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a part of AXA Financial , a member of the global AXA Group
Devices located at the top or bottom of a water softener to distribute or collect the water and to retain the cation exchange material in the units.