Definitions for "Machines"
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Mutuel machines.
Machines is a 3D real time strategy game released for the PC. Published by Acclaim and developed by Charybdis, Machines was one of the first 3D Real Time Strategy Games. It was also one of the first to incorporate a first-person mode, in which players can personally control any Machine in their army in a first-person mode.
(kink) A kink involving the use of mechanical devices for sexual stimulation or pleasure.
A Thing About Machines The Brain Center at Whipple's
A concrete thing, consisting of parts or of certain devices and combinations of devices.
a more cost-effective approach to large-scale shared-memory multiprocessing than either pure distributed shared memory or hardware cache coherence
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A weight-lifting tool which uses a plate-loaded pully system. A pin is often used to select different levels of resistance. Machines balance the weight for you and keep your movements on a fixed range of motion.
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a barrier to more widespread adoption
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a lot faster now due to a new way of rendering