Definitions for "Due"
Owed, as a debt; that ought to be paid or done to or for another; payable; owing and demandable.
Justly claimed as a right or property; proper; suitable; becoming; appropriate; fit.
Such as (a thing) ought to be; fulfilling obligation; proper; lawful; regular; appointed; sufficient; exact; as, due process of law; due service; in due time.
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To endue.
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Directly; exactly; as, a due east course.
term used when referring to something that is exactly in a direction. Usually used with a cardinal direction, such as "It is due west of here." (directly west.)
directly or exactly; straight; "went due North"
Appointed or required to arrive at a given time; as, the steamer was due yesterday.
scheduled to arrive; "the train is due in 15 minutes"
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Owing; ascribable, as to a cause.
Drug Use Evaluation. An evaluation of prescribing patterns of physicians to specifically determine the appropriateness of drug therapy. There are three forms of DUE: Prospective (before or at the time of prescription dispensing), concurrent (during the course of drug therapy), and retrospective (after the therapy has been completed).
suitable to or expected in the circumstances; "all due respect"; "due cause to honor them"; "a long due promotion"; "in due course"
reasonable in the circumstances; "gave my comments due consideration"; "exercising due care"
An activity is considered due when your own local date/time is within the grace period assigned to it. For example, a Post Event Summary is considered due for one week after the event takes place. Activities that are completed while they are Due do not affect your chapter/group's timeliness score.
Division of Undergraduate Education
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a payment that is due (e.g., as the price of membership); "the society dropped him for non-payment of dues"
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Right; just title or claim.