Definitions for "Amortization"
The extinction of a debt, usually by means of a sinking fund; also, the money thus paid.
Payment of debt in regular, periodic installments of principal and interest, as opposed to interest only payments.
The gradual repayment of your mortgage, both principal and interest, over time.
the process of conversion, such as converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.
The process of converting one enzyme to another, such as Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone.
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GFE● Prepayment Penalty
The act or right of alienating lands to a corporation, which was considered formerly as transferring them to dead hands, or in mortmain.
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When an oil company offers up front cash to induce an independent dealer to brand with that oil company. Normally, as long as the dealer continues to purchase product from that company, the money does not have to be paid back. It is amortized over the term of the contract, which is typically a ten-year agreement.
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Discount Points Mortgagee
Amount of discount or premium that has been earned through the date of the transaction or report.