Definitions for "points"
Finance charges paid by the borrower at the beginning of a loan. One point is 1% of the loan amount.
Points represent interest. One point would represent one percent.
An upfront fee that is collected in addition to the interest on a loan. Each 'point' charged is equal to 1% of the loan amount. Points may also be referred to as an 'origination fee' or 'discount points' depending on the purpose.
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the cat's face, ears, lower legs and tail, which may be a darker color than the main body as in the Colorpoint or Siamese.
The extremities of a cat's body: the mask, ears, paws & legs, and tail. (eg., in Siamese these can be variously colored, giving Seal-Point, Blue-Point, etc.)
The coloring of the legs, mane, and tail.
A symbolic measurement related to a timeshare ownership that is used to establish value for seasons, unit sizes, and resort locations. Points are used by developers for both internal and external exchange.
Some resorts sell, rather than a one week increment, points that relate to an amount of time that can be spent during a given time of year, in a given resort. Annual points owners get the same number of points each year to spend in any of the resorts in that resort system.Each resort has a chart showing how many points it takes for a night's stay during a given day of the week. Points ownership is popular because shorter than a week stays are possible unlike traditional timeshare. Some point systems are deeded, and some are not. The amount of time that can be used each year depends on the number of points owned, and the amount of maintenance fee relates to the number ofpoints owned as well.
This programs is offered to timeshare owners by resorts! It which allow the owners to choice and control when and where they vacation or for how long or short they stay.
Refer to characteristics of an edition, which distinguish it from other editions. These usually include errors.
An error or peculiarity in a book that helps differentiate it from other copies and may indicate a priority of issue. A point may increase the value of a book dramatically.
Peculiarities in a published book whose presence or absence helps to determine edition, issue or state.
The decoration between the wrap and the joint is often inlaid with exotic materials/woods, so that the inlays form points. The value of a cue is often associated with the craftsmanship and value of the points.
the ornamentation on a cue, between the wrap and the joint, is often made by inlaying exotic materials into the wood so the inlays form points. The value of a cue is often based on the number points. Also see inlays.
The numerical value of a paper 1 EFTS = 120 points at NZSM and Victoria. Points are sometimes known as credits.
The measure of value assigned to each course. One point nominally equates to 10-12 hours of student work, whether in class or not. 120 points equates to one full-time academic year of study and 1 EFTS unit.
Credits earned toward a championship.
In an AKC sanctioned dog show, points are awarded based on the number of dogs in attendance. 15 total points are required for a Championship. Of those 15 points, at least 2 of the shows must be major point shows under two different judges. The remainder can come from either major or minor point shows.
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Measurement of diamond size. See "carat" above.
1/100th of a carat. For example, a 1/4 carat diamond weighs 25 points.
Units of measurement used to express the carat weight of a gem or simulant. One carat is equal to one hundred points, a half carat (.50) is equal to fifty points, a quarter carat (.25) equal to twenty-five points, and so on.
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the rails of a turnout that move.
The moving blades within a turnout that determine the route that a train will take. Also used as catch points and trap points.
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Points is the 10th and final episode of Band of Brothers. The episode was directed by Mikael Salomon and written by Erik Jendresen and Erik Bork. It first aired on November 4, 2001 on HBO.
The wearing tips on a cultivator that cut into the soil
The distance between the tip of a collar and the neckband on a man's shirt.
The tips of teeth in a saw blade.
The 24 alternating color triangles on a backgammon board
1. One of the 24 triangles on the board numbered from 1 (close to you) to 24. 2. More than one checker on the same triangle is also called a point. 3. To Point on a blot means to hit a blot and to put 2 checkers on it. 4. Scoring – each unit of winning the game worth 1 point.
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the left and right positions taken by the defensemen of the attacking team, just inside the blue line of the attacking zone; also the term used to describe the defensemen playing at this location; also an individual statistic for players equal to their goals plus assists; also a team statistic used to determine team standings (2 points for each win and 1 point for each tie during the regular season).
a team statistic indicating its degree of success, calculated as follows: 2 points for a win (3 in the 1994 World Cup), 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss; also, an individual statistic for a player, calculated by totaling 2 points for each goal and 1 point for each assist.
(noun) A Vulcan or Romulan. Refers to distinctive Vulcanoid ear shape. [Derogatory
How many points were added to your licence for a motoring conviction e.g. SP50 for speeding on the motorway gets 3 points
Traditional units of angular measurement from the viewpoint of someone on board a vessel. They are: Straight ahead of you, right up there; Just a little to the right of the front; Right next to that thing up there; Between those two things; Right back there, look; Over that round doohickey; Off the right corner; Back over there; Right behind us.
Most older games (and a few recent ones) gave you points for solving each puzzle in the game, with an optimal total number of points that you could earn if you completed all of them successfully. Back to the Index of Terms
Each paper has an associated number of points which contribute to the total required for a qualification. A full-time course is usually 108 points.
Points are product license credits used to enable instances of the different monitor types available in SiteScope. The number of points you purchase will determine the total number of monitor instances and specific system performance metrics or counters that you can monitor. The number of points required will vary according to monitor type and the number of measurements being made per monitor instance.
Predominately a forex term used to describe digits added to or subtracted from the fourth decimal place in a quoted currency rate, i.e. 0.0001.
The units of price quoted, based on the minimum price unit. A $1.00 price movement may be called 100 basis points.
A value is assigned to a course or other work to indicate its weighting within The University of Auckland's certificates, diplomas and degrees. For example, the Bachelor of Science will requires 360 points under the new points system coming into effect in 2006.
Two or more metal terminals, located inside the distributor on vehicles with non-electronic ignitions. These terminals are brought into contact and then separated by the movement of the cam wheel on the rotating distributor shaft. The points regulate the intensity and duration of the current that's conducted, to each spark plug by interrupting the flow of current from the coil as they open and close. Also called contact points, breaker points, or ignition points.
In most stage-races, there is usually a points competition running alongside the main battle for the general classification. Points can be won by winning sprints at certain places along the route, as well as winning stages.
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Plural of point. Also, sometimes when used in meaning (2), expressing the number of valuation units assigned to each individual high card. For example, 2-1-points assigns two points to each ace, one to each king; 3-2-1-points assigns three points to each ace, two to each king, one to each queen; 4-3-2-1-points [also sometimes HCP and high-card points] assigns four to each ace, three to each king, two to each queen, and one to each jack. Similar formations describe other point-counting schemes.
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Points apply to security prices. In the case of shares, one point indicates $1.00 per share. For bonds, , one point means 1% of par value. Commodities differ from market to market.
Points apply to security prices. In the case of shares, one point indicates $1.00 per share. For bonds and debentures, one point means 1% of par value. Par value is almost universally 100 for bonds.
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Positions in addition to the poles and the obi that serve as points of reference on the marking/guidelines on the mari.
Whoever gets their bowl(s) closest to Jack at conclusion of an End.
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A system of rewarding other members. As in "1000 Giga Points to....."
A junction of two railway lines that can be set to guide a train onto either one of two alternative routes (facing points), or allow two lines to merge into one (trailing points) depending upon your perspective. Most railways avoided facing points wherever possible, as they are accident prone. Therefore access to the goods yard at most stations was by trailing points and so trains had to 'set back' (ie reverse) into the yard.
The vertices that form the outline of a shape. In Microsoft PhotoDraw, you can edit the points of a shape by dragging them to a different location.
The unit of currency in the PartneRewards programme.
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dental problem commonly seen in horses in which the molar teeth develop sharp edges.
External features of a horse
This refers to the system, in the new GMS contract, by which General Practitioners are remunerated.
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There are 42 possible points in a hand: seven tricks (each trick is a point) plus the five count dominos (35 points). Each hand is scored as a mark unless multiple marks were bid. (See also score.)
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metal-ended laces used to attach upper hose to doublet.
Compliance with each LEED credit earns one or more points toward certification. Compliance with prerequisites is required and does not earn points.
A map overlay display option where worker home or workplace locations are identified by dots on the map. Dots are located at the center points of census blocks. The size of each dot is based on the number of workers located on that block. Blocks with no workers are not displayed.
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Tapering moveable rail to direct a train from one track to another
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The number of detector pixels in a particular data set. The number varies due to the use of the masks and zoom features which can alter the definable measurement area.
A typographic measurement system. There are 72 points per inch.
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The portions of a switch that move to change the track's route from the main line to a siding. The point where the rails actually cross is called the "frog" part of the switch.
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Points are awarded on a scale based on age. To calculate, subtract the number in the tens column of the pick's age from ten, e.g. 64 years old, six from 10 is four, therefore four points. Picks 90 years old or more are worth one point, except for the Wild Card, who is worth five, regardless of age.
Spatial features that are given a precise location that can be described by a single coordinate pair. In theory a point has neither length nor width.
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a method for indicating hook load or force, read off rig's indicator; 1 point = 1,000 pounds
Programs that offer an owner choice and control over the time period and the location of the vacation.
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Grids are made up of series and points.
A term frequently used to describe how many actual yarns are used in a square meter of a machine made area rug or power loomed area rug.
An abbreviation for percentage points. For example, 3 points is 3%.
Percentage participation in the profits of a film.
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Private Occupancy Reserve Price
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See Qualifying points.
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Related: Arming points.
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See Arming points.