Definitions for "Microsoft"
The company responsible for the most popular operating system in the world, Windows.
Software company from Redmond, USA. More info on
A software corporation. The developers of the Windows operating system.
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Word '97 One of the features of the latest office suites is the capacity to produce documents in HTML format suitable for posting on the Web. They're not perfect - by a long way - but they do allow those with word processing skills to produce reasonable Web pages, even if there is a rather clumsy "sameness" to them. We'll resist the urge to put a link to Microsoft here.
Asmall chip which can be inserted into a socket behind the ear and allows certain skills, for example flying a plane, fluency in languages etc.
The mad scientist responsible for unleashing the ginormous X-Box.
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An expensive and predominatley unstable operating system sold by Micro$osft
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Access 2.0 NT, Win95 n/a n/a$300.00 USD
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You've not heard of Microsoft? Which planet are you from? A necessary evil some might say.
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a member of the consortium
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A medical condition that you can remedy with a little blue tablet.
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Create an Alert
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