Definitions for "Customer Information Control System"
Keywords:  cics, mainframe, ibm, csxt, oltp
The IBM architecture underlying the e-mail system, defining a region or domain for electronic mail delivery.
IBM's general purpose online transaction processing OLTP software. It is an application server product, which runs under a number of both IBM and non-IBM operating systems. It integrates all the basic software services required by OLTP applications with a rich set of resources and management services in a highly available, reliable and scalable manner. CICS has been "evolving" for well over 30 years and the most current mainframe CICS is "CICSĀ® Transaction Server for z/OS", which not only provides the more traditional OLTP services, but is also a full function Web Application Server and full function Enterprise Java Bean Server. When new technology becomes available CICS generally very quickly provides support for that technology.