Definitions for "Porting"
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May mean either lowering the ejection port of a self-loading pistol to ensure greater reliability and less damage to cases or the practice of drilling gas vents in a barrel to reduce muzzle jump. The proprietary Mag-na-port system is a well-known example of this.
Openings at the muzzle end of the gun through which some of the spent gases can escape. Porting reduces perceived recoil and lessens muzzle rise, but the trade off is that the gun becomes much louder when fired and produces a brighter flash. Porting is quite safe on the range, but is not generally recommended for defense guns, because when used for defense, the gun may need to be fired from an odd position while it is still very close to the defender's body. When a ported gun is fired from such unusual positions, escaping gases may cause serious burns or even blind the shooter if they get in her face.
Modifying code that runs on one hardware platform or operating system so that it will properly execute on another hardware platform or operating system.
Converting software to run on another platform.
Adapting software to run on a different machine or operating system. More broadly, to move something from one arena of activity to another ( e.g., from Bitnet to Usenet).
or All-Out Porting: Aggressive porting work performed to the passages within the cylinderhead with intention of optimizing high-speed airflow. Often characterized by large cross-sectional port areas, these ports generate sufficient flow velocities only at higher engine speeds; low speeds produce weak ram-tuning effects and exhaust scavenging waves. This porting technique is a poor choice for low-speed power and street applications.
To enlarge the intake and exhaust passages.
Modifying the intake ports by cutting away metal.
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In this document, porting refers to the process of moving a program that was coded for another vendor's Fortran to HP Fortran 90. See also See also migrating..
This allows you to move to another property without having to lose your existing interest rate. You can keep your existing mortgage balance, term and interest rate plus save money by avoiding early discharge penalties.
Transferring an existing mortgage from one home to a new home when you move. This is known as a "portable" mortgage.
transferring a call made to a customer's old telephone number into the customer's new network.