Definitions for "SAA"
(Surety Association of America) is the surety industry counterpart to ISO. See ISO. Examples of Surety Association data are included in this training section. Employee Dishonesty and Forgery coverages are often considered to be "surety," rather than "insurance," with respect to state insurance law.
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SECURITIES ANALYSIS ASSOCIATION. An association jointly set up by the SET and the ASCO in 1991 for the promotion and development of standards in securities and financial analysis and analysts. The Association conducts training courses for the examination of the American CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) and the Thai CISA (Certified Investment and Securities Analysts)
South Atlantic (Magnetic) Anomaly, in which elevated radiation levels require reduced detector high voltage, and no data is taken
South Atlantic Anomaly. The South Atlantic anomaly (SAA) is a region of intense radiation from protons trapped in the part of the Van Allen radiation belts lying closest to the earth's surface. The SAA arises primarily because the earth's magnetic field is offset from its center. Over this region, the geomagnetic field draws particles closer to the Earth than in other regions of the belts. The South Atlantic anomaly is located over a large portion of South America, the South Atlantic and the southern tip of Africa.
Systems Application Architecture. A set of software interfaces for building portable applications.
System Applications Architecture
IBM's common application development environment, enabling software to be developed to run on a broad range of IBM hardware, under a range of operating systems: MVS/ESA, VM/ESA, OS/400 and OS/2 EE. This is achieved through a set of standard interfaces for applications (programming), user and communications.
In Egyptian mythology, Saa (also spelt Sia) was the deification of wisdom, which is what his name means, in the Ennead cosmogeny. Due to the connection between wisdom and writing, Saa was often shown holding a papyrus, the plant from which a form of writing paper was constructed. As the concept of wisdom, Saa was often invoked to protect the heart (which the Egyptians believed was a recorder of actions) in the underworld.
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School Administrators Alliance the legislative network of school administrators
ystem ccess dministrator. Department System Access Administrators (SAAs) grant access to PAMIS and other UCR applications via the Enterprise Access Control System.
Satellite Accumulation Area For hazardous, radioactive and mixed waste
Satellite Accumulation Area (For non-radioactive hazardous waste. See also RWCA and MWSSA.)
Society for American Archaeology
Society of American Archivists.
SAA It will be able to separate sources, recognize speech and analyze the auditory scene. It can also synthesize spatialised sounds from mono recording, edit, analyze via spectrogram, filter and re-sample signals.
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Severe Aplastic Anemia.
Special Assembly Agreement (agreement to provide a specific service not covered by a general tariff for an individual customer that must be approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission)
An old unit of measurement corresponding to the quantity contained in four scoops of a produce, when scooped using both hands.
Student Academic Affairs, a collection of units offering services to students, such as registration, health, and career services
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service assurance agent
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State Administering Agency
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Skill At Arms