Definitions for "VSE"
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Vancouver Stock Exchange. The company incorporated in 1907 by a special act of the B.C. legislature; unlike the ME and TSE, trades on the VSE are cleared through the Vancouver Stock Exchange Service Corporation; under a restructuring agreement between Canada's exchanges, the VSE and ASE combined to form the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX); in 2001, the TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange) acquired the CDNX.
Vancouver Stock Exchange. securities and options exchange in Vancouver, British Columbia, (Canada), specializing in venture capital companies.
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Virtual Storage Extended. An IBM operating system, used primarily by small and intermediate systems. An operating system which provides 31-bit addressing.
A multitasking, 370-architected IBM operating system akin to Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS). VSE work runs in partitions rather than address spaces, but is largely similar to MVS. See MVS.
Virtual Storage Extended. An operating system that is an extension of DOS. A VSE system consists of licensed VSE/Advanced Functions support plus all programs required to meet the data processing needs of the user. Together with the hardware it controls, VSE forms a complete data processing system. Its current version is called VSE/ESA.
Acronym for "Very Special Episode":, the TV promotional term usually applied to a sitcom that gets agonizingly serious for the purpose of dramatising a serious cause and usually killing off a minor character in the process. Also can stand for Viewer Suffering Event back to the main blog
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vascular epithelium
Vehicle Survivability Equipment@ŽÔ—1/4¶‘¶‹@ŠíB
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Same as DOS/VSE.