Definitions for "DOS"
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Denial of Service -- a type of security attack that doesn't try to steal information, but instead attempts to disable a computer or network by flooding it with useless traffic. See smurf/smurfing for more information.
(Disk Operation System)--The standard operation system for all computers advertised as "IBM Compatible".
The standard operating system for IBM and IBM-compatible microcomputers.
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epartment tate
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Dioctyl sebacate
Dreaded Orange Spots. Small dark orange spots radiating to yellow occurring on the surface of cold processed soap. The primary cause is thought to be unsaponified oils turning rancid.
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Dozing Off Soon
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Back; also the meatiest portion of fish.
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Dean of Students Office
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Department Of Space
Department of Sanitation
Department of State
Director of Studies at a language school or academy
Director of Studies - you will meet yours at the beginning of term
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density of states
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Dates of Service -- date range on the claim.
Date of Separation
Date of Service.
Days Of Supply - the number of days of sales the on-hand inventory represents.
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due on sale clause
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Digital Object Server