Definitions for "Server"
A computer that provides services to other computers on the same network. In the context of sharing an Internet connection, the server computer typically has 2 NICs and runs sharing software. It "serves" Internet access to one or more client computers.
Computer hardware and software capable of storing many files and making them accessible to users on the Internet. Web hosting companies rent space on their large servers to individuals and businesses. A block of 30 megs should cost about $10.00 a month. You can have your web files on your own computer but upload [save them] onto your server where they will be available to the world. It's usually a good practice to have your files in two locations, as a backup. If a catastrophe strikes the server you are renting and all your files are lost, the files on your own computer will be your backup. The converse of this is true.
A network device that provides a service to network users, such as shared access to a file system a file server, control of a printer a print server, or storage of messages in a mail system a mail server.
An acolyte.
The Server is the Acolyte who serves at the Altar.
those who assist the presiding priest during the celebration of Eucharist; also called acolytes and crucifers. In our church the young peopel fulfill this roll, in other churches adults may be servers.
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The player who strikes the ball first in a rally.
The player due to strike the ball first in a rally.
The player who initiates a rally by putting the ball into play. Only the server can score a point.
Also Waiter, Waitress, Slave. 1} One who takes menu orders. 2} One who brings the meals and drinks to the table. 3} A person who acts as a representive of the guest to the kitchen.
that cute waiter down at the italian restaurant
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A server contains one or more servants. In a POSIX environment, a server corresponds to a separate process.
A program that contains the implementations of one or more IDL interfaces. For example, a desktop publishing server might implement a Document object type, a ParagraphTag object type, and other related object types. The server is required to register each implementation ( servant object) with the ORB so that the ORB knows about the servant. Servers are sometimes referred to as object servers.
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setupapi shdocvw shell shlctrl
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A piece of the kernel that is scheduled and managed by the microkernel, and provides functionality to application processes.
As defined in RFC 1565 (the standard RDBMS MIB) an independent entity that provides access to one or more databases.
See Provider
Use this command to change the server to which you are connected.
The -server option instructs Wusage to run permanently in the background and accept connections from one or more Wusage accounts. This behavior is also automatically invoked by running the NT service or Unix version of Wusage with no command line options, as of version 8.0 P8.
Messages related to conditions on a particular server or server connectivity. These messages can include event handler notifications generated by Domino server event generators.
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more details: NetLingo TM
A server is a process. One server can support a variety of different services at the same time.
An alcohol server. Any person employed by a licensee who participates in the mixing, selling, or service of alcoholic liquor for consumption on the premises.
One of the seven essence roles; called "slave" in Yarbro. Its positive pole is service; its negative pole is bondage. Servers seek the common good.
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A tray for dishes; a salver.
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An Apache/mod_perl process that runs the code making up one or more websites. You configure the server using httpd.conf and httpd_modperl.conf files.
Another term for "File Server."
Your website's physical home. Just as you live in a house or apartment, websites live in servers.
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Semi skilled thatchers labourer
The Servlet Engine performs the server function in the context of the AJPv2 protocol.
A PC dedicated to the sharing of data, managing user accounts or database processing.
A node that permits other nodes on the LAN to access its resources. The server may be dedicated, in which case this is its sole function, or non-dedicated, where the node can be used in other ways, such as a workstation.
The server stores your Agenda information. When you sign in to your Agenda, you can access the up-to-date Agendas of every other user through the server. See Off-line and On-line agenda.
Connector acting as a generic server. It internally uses one of the available connectors registered with the current Restlet implementation.
A communicating entity which behaves as a VCC over the lifetime of an association.
Due to technical reasons, each server can only support a limited amount of players. Each MMORPG typically has several servers. Players cannot interact with players on other servers.
System that provides large-capacity audio and video storage for video-on-demand retrieval, transmission, post production, news, etc. Most professional servers use digital disk storage.
In the context of storage systems, a processor that runs an operating system and uses a disk-array storage system for data storage and retrieval.
A button in MacTCP's Obtain Address area that enables MacTCP to work with a dynamically addressed account.
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Create an Alert
v3 up IE3+ specifies server-side JavaScript statements
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Server license
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The stroke used to start each point.
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The component of the X Window System that manages input and the visual display.
See Change Manager server.
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The player serving the ball is termed the server. In a four-handed (doubles) game, he and his partner are termed the serving side.
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The player who puts the ball in play with a serve. Only the server can score a point.
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The player whose turn it is to serve.
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The player who puts the ball into play.
Also referred to as a device. A component of a system that performs a job for a transaction.
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Player who serves the ball.
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The player who is currently serving
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See Mailing List Server.
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Person who serves the ball.
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any server owned or operated by the Company;
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See AR System Server.
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One who serves.
r Server