Definitions for "Dedicated Servers"
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are web hosting servers that are owned by the hosting company, but rented out and used by a single customer per server.
The opposite of Shared Web hosting. Servers that are owned by a Web hosting company but rented out and used by a single customer. Web sites in need of a lot of disk space and/or data transfer and/or Web sites that have very specific software needs may opt to rent a dedicated server. Shared Web hosting is usually sufficient for most small and medium sized businesses.
With a dedicated server your site doesn't share the server's resources with any other site. This can be used to host one or more of your websites. You have increased control over what software will be installed on the machine. You can even specify the set up. The major benefit is that this allows increased traffic to your sites. You could alternatively co-locate your own server at the host's data center who can look after it for you.