Definitions for "Dedicated server"
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One way or another, all websites are hosted on a server; which is basically a computer whose sole purpose is to host websites. A dedicated server is a server that you either own or lease, and nobody else's websites are hosted on that server as opposed to reseller plans and virtual hosting; in which your sites share a server with a bunch of other peoples' sites. Overall, it's the cheapest way you can buy hosting in large volumes and also tends to be the most reliable since you won't have someone elses' websites draining server resources and making your pages load slower.
A database server configuration in which a server process handles requests for a single user process. See Also: shared server
E-mail server used by only one sender.
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Direct exporting Dumb terminals
A single computer fully devoted to the needs of one customer.
A computer that is assigned to only one customer.
A computer which is dedicated to act as a slave to other computers on the network.
A node on which applications are limited to maintaining network resources; no user applications are available.
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