Definitions for "customer"
A person, company, or other entity which buys goods and services produced by...
One who regularly or repeatedly makes purchases of a trader; a purchaser; a buyer.
A person with whom a business house has dealings; as, the customers of a bank.
In VMI, the Trading Partner or reseller, i.e. Wal-Mart, Foodlion, or CVS. The Retailer, Grocer, or Chain.
Retail outlet, restaurant or other operation that sells or serves soft drink products directly to consumers.
Retail outlet, restaurant or other operation that sells or serves Company products directly to consumers. Return to previous page
a consumer who has a continuing relationship with an institution
a consumer who has an ongoing relationship with a financial institution
a consumer with a continuing relationship with a financial institution
A term which, within the SFA rules, means a client who is either a private or non-private customer, but does not include market counterparties (non-customers).
Refers to a CCBill client's customer, consumer, member or subscriber.
Customers of the client remain customers of the factor and pay the factor instead of the client.
Innovative Australian businesses, researchers and investors looking for growth in Australia and in global markets through competitiveness, investment, Tourism and technology.
The entity with which a business unit conducts a business transaction, in a general sense. In most applications, it will correspond to an aggregate of related "contact" (communication) and "account" (billing) records.
a part of our business--not an outsider
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The reason we do what we do. Customers are the friends who visit our studio or receive our services away from the studio. We love our customers and hope they love us back.
a friend for life
a Friend You Haven't Met Yet
The party who is not represented in a transaction is usually referred to as "the customer." For example, if the agent represents the landlord, then the tenant would be the customer.
Ursula Holmström represents TML assistant team.
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a good song, pretty much a traditional EPMD track, with its bouncing beat and funky chorus
An account holder at TradeSports who has agreed to be bound by the rules of the exchange as stipulated in the Privacy Policy, Exchange Rules, Sports Rules and Data Protection Consents.
an enthusiast who appreciates high technology and seeks great driving pleasure from his car, yet prefers a car more refined and more practical than today's sports cars
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An industrial tenant who leases space from AMB. We refer to our tenants as "customers" to underscore the fact that we exist to serve their needs, not the other way around.
an agent who has a goal to satisfy, and needs resources outside
an agent who needs resources outside its direct control in order to carry out his plans
Someone who has registered with us for the purpose of making a purchase or who has made a purchase from us in the past. Generally, we store much more information regarding Customers, including but not limited to Contact Information, Account Information, and Individually Identifiable Information. Customers are different from Visitors.
usually meaning the purchaser, organization, or consumer after the sale. Prior to the sale is usually referred to as a prospect.
In real estate, a customer is usually a prospective purchaser. Damages—The amount of money one can recover as compensation for injury to his or her person or property resulting from an act or failure to act.
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The end-user or system administrator who installs the software on the target machine.
a registered user of the application
A program run by the end user.
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A lewd woman.
premises: A physical location under the control of a company or organization. Generally a location containing a room where individuals or groups congregate for participation in a teleconference.
The company, firm, individual or undertaking named in a finance agreement.
an individual or an institution (i
The individual or organization who will use the project product. There may be multiple layers of customers. For example, the customers for a new pharmaceutical product may include the doctors who prescribe it, the patients who take it, and (in the USA) the insurers who pay for it.
The customer (of a supplier) both receives value deliveries and returns value deliveries and the returned value is related to the deliveries.
An individual or organization who specifies the requirements for and formally accepts delivery of a new or modified system; one who pays for the system. The customer may or may not be the user; see User.
A patron of the cafeteria, primarily students but also including teachers, administrators, and visitors to the school.
The party that executes an agreement with a Forex dealer.
The party (or parties) executing this Agreement and in whose name the Account is maintained.
The overseas buyer. Also called the "buyer".
end customer (buyer) performing electronic shopping.
a buyer, seller or holder of securities and financial instruments that does not participate directly in a system. A participant's holdings in a system often include securities and financial instruments of which the participant's customers are the beneficial owners.
In an engineering project, see acquirer. [IEEE/EIA 12207-1997
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Another name for account debtor or payor. ()
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One who collect customs; a toll gatherer.
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See 'Citizen'.
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a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions
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A consumer of natural gas distributed in any one billing period at one location through one meter. An entity using gas at separate locations is considered a separate customer at each location.
The term “Customer” shall mean the individual or entity identified as “Customer” on the signature page of this Agreement.
Sewer structure owner, specifically the one requesting the inspection work.
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An opponent who calls.
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A letter of credit term referring to the party who causes a bank to issue a letter of credit. The term also includes an issuing bank which confirms a letter of credit.
For the purposes of this document this term describes a customer of a Member.