Definitions for "Enterprise"
Willingness or eagerness to engage in labor which requires boldness, promptness, energy, and like qualities; as, a man of great enterprise.
To undertake; to begin and attempt to perform; to venture upon.
To undertake an enterprise, or something hazardous or difficult.
an economic unit separate from the owner or owners
an entity distinct from the "racketeering activity" in which it engages
an organisational unit comprising all economic activities engaged in by one and the same owner
human activity involving such qualities as initiation, innovation, risk taking, coordinating, and acting decisively and imaginatively; in a narrower economics sense, an activity undertaken for entrepreneurial or commercial reasons
Entrepreneur Entropy
a bold and innovative way to supply these life-saving health products
Program standing for Evaluating New Technologies for Roads Program Initiative in Safety and Efficiency. International public sector cooperative initiative to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of ITS technologies. Participants include Arizona DOT, Colorado DOT, Dutch Ministry of Transport, FHWA, Iowa DOT, Maricopa County, AZ, Minnesota DOT, New York DOT, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Transport Canada, Virginia DOT, and Washington State DOT.
For the purposes of this document, enterprise is defined as all state government entities in the state of New York. In some instances Enterprise expands beyond the state to include federal and local government partners in an effort to leverage resources across jurisdictions and expand information sharing capabilities.
Enterprise is a Vivastation on York Region's Viva bus rapid transit system, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It opened on November 20, 2005, on the intersection of Enterprise Drive and GO Station Access Road in Markham, Ontario. It is on the Viva Purple line, Viva Green line, and the Viva Pink line.
a manufacturers of V-Belt Pulley and C
a proud to show you our small outboard engine LPG systems
a wholesaler/ manufacturer of LPG equipment
The Enterprise (NX-01) is a fictional starship in the titular science fiction television series Enterprise. Commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, the Enterprise NX-01 is the earliest Starship Enterprise officially recognized in the Star Trek canon.
The Enterprise (1776-12-20 – 1777 February), was the second American ship to bear the name. She was a successful privateer before she was purchased for the Continental Navy in 1776. Commanded by Captain Joseph Campbell, the schooner Enterprise operated principally in Chesapeake Bay.
The Enterprise type is a two-man hiking sailing dinghy with a distinctive blue sail and no spinnaker. Despite being one of the older classes of dinghies, it remains popular and well used for both cruising and racing. It has a combination of stability, size and power which contiues to appeal to all ages, and to sailing schools.
The Enterprise is an amusement ride, first manufactured by HUSS Maschinenfabrik in 1972. The ride was an adaption and improvement of a design produced earlier that year by Schwartzkopf, with an increased passenger capacity and a hydraulic lift arm (as opposed to electro-mechanical). Despite not owning the original incarnation of the ride, HUSS was issued the patent.
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The Enterprise was a gas inflated aerostat built by Prof. Thaddeus S. C. Lowe along with his father Clovis in 1858.
The Enterprise (aka Enterprize) was the fourth steamboat west of the Allegheny Mountains. With an engine and power train designed and built by Daniel French, the Enterprise was launched in 1814 at Brownsville, Pennsylvania for her owners: the shareholders of the Monongahela and Ohio Steam Boat Company.American Telegraph (Brownsville, Pa.), 5 July 1815: "Last Saturday evening the Steam was first tried on the Despatch, another steam boat, lately built in Bridgeport, and owned as well as the Enterprize, by the Monongahela and Ohio Steam Boat Company. We are happy to learn that she is likely to answer the most sanguine expectations of the ingenious Mr.
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Enterprise is the name of the cross-border train service between Dublin Connolly in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast Central in Northern Ireland and is jointly operated by Iarnród Éireann (IE) and Northern Ireland Railways (NIR).
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An identifiable production unit of sufficient size and importance to be accounted for separately, such as wheat, dairy, or lettuce. A farm's production plan will often consist of several enterprises.
The collective parts of a company related by a common interest in a product or group of products. An enterprise may also logically include a network of contractors or suppliers involved in creating or supporting the common product. cPDm systems are often applied across an enterprise to help manage the supply chain.
a specific processing system or farm production activity, for example a bottling plant or a sheep herd or orchard
The target company the development of which is obsereved.
a company or family of companies controlled or managed by the same interests as a result of common ownership
an actual registered company, GBE, association, partnership or trust, whereas an Establishment is each physical location
Twisted's RDBMS support. It contains twisted.enterprise.adbapi for asynchronous access to any standard DB-API 2.0 module, and twisted.enterprise.row Relational Object Wrapper. See Introduction to Twisted Enterprise and Twisted Enterprise Row Objects for more details.
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ASA’s guaranty processing system.
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a cadaver to be carved up, an asset to be hidden and buried
an advanced testing solution that enables security professionals, compliance officers, quality assurance teams and software developers to assess Web services for compliance with security policies, industry standards and best practices
Enterprise programs involve inmates in an industrial job on site at the prison. Several prisons have Enterprise plants which perform a broad range of industrial-type services. These programs provide inmates with job skills, as well as some income to assist in the payment of court-ordered debts. The products and services produced by Enterprise activities also help generate income for the prison system itself to offset some of the cost to the taxpayers.
an institutional unit defined as the smallest combination of legal units that produces goods or services, and that has decision-making autonomy
Terminology generally referring to customers with multiple, non-contiguous geographic locations.
Any agency, department, division or service provider that is a part of the North Carolina state government system.
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To treat with hospitality; to entertain.
The series of computers employed largely in high-volume and multi-user environments such as servers or networking applications; may include single-user workstations required in demanding design, engineering and audio/visual applications.
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value : Market capitalization (equity) plus net debt.
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The entire agency and /or its components.
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a great source code accounting system
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a way of being enterprising
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see Risk enterprise.