Definitions for "corporate governance"
Designation in international parlance for company management and company controlling focused on responsible, long-term value creation
Binding rules and regulations issued by the SWX Swiss Exchange (Guidelines regarding information on Corporate Governance) and economiesuisse (Swiss Code of Best Practice) regarding responsible behavior of the Board of Directors of a company, and making their principles of behavior known to the public.
The systems used to control corporations, and in particular deal with conflicts of interest between shareholders and managers (agency problems).... more on: Corporate governance
the means by which decisions are made relating to the control of a corporation and its stock
The management process concerned with structures and processes for decision making, and with organisational controls and behaviours that support effective accountability for performance outcomes.
the way in which organisations are managed and operated. It includes authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control. The service/organisation must be a legal entity. It may be an Incorporated Body (or awaiting incorporation), or another body such as an association, a co-operative, a registered charity or religious organisation subject to church by-laws or similar. The service/ organisation must have operational and financial accountability processes in place. There must also be privacy/confidentiality and complaint policies and procedures that meet the requirements of the Program Privacy and Policy Frameworks. These issues will be covered in the Deed of Agreement with services and organisations.
A generic term which describes the ways in which rights and responsibilities...