Definitions for "Board of Directors"
Individuals elected by a corporations shareholders to oversee the management...
The group of people elected by a corporation's shareholders to make major business decisions for the company.
The maximum authority in a corporate structure. Its members are elected by the owners of the company (its shareholders)
a legal entity with well-defined responsibilities and real authority
A body of advisors who hold oversight responsibility for the organization.
An organized body of advisors with oversight responsibility.
a distinguished group of leaders in computing research from academia and industry
a group of individuals chosen by the stock holders of a company to promote their interests
a group of people dedicated to providing a quality youth soccer program for the children of Gilbert
Formerly the policy-making body of IHEU; now replaced by the General Assembly See also: General Assembly, IHEU
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The controlling bodies of NASD Regulation, Inc. and The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
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a good idea, unless you want to do all the work yourself
a powerful tool for setting the strategic direction of a firm
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Board room
a team of people with different skills and personalities who make different contributions to one another, thereby ensuring the profitable management of the company
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Board Of Trustees
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the minutes of a meeting
a working board of a developing association and as such requires a commitment of time