Definitions for "Charter"
A written evidence in due form of things done or granted, contracts made, etc., between man and man; a deed, or conveyance.
An instrument in writing, from the sovereign power of a state or country, executed in due form, bestowing rights, franchises, or privileges.
An act of a legislative body creating a municipal or other corporation and defining its powers and privileges. Also, an instrument in writing from the constituted authorities of an order or society (as the Freemasons), creating a lodge and defining its powers.
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The letting or hiring a vessel by special contract, or the contract or instrument whereby a vessel is hired or let; as, a ship is offered for sale or charter. See Charter party, below.
To hire or let by charter, as a ship. See Charter party, under Charter, n.
1) To rent or lease a boat, ship, vessel or aircraft. 2) The instrument issued by a governmental body (state) recognizing the organization of an insurance company and giving authority to operate within the stated jurisdiction. The charter also contains the condition under which the insurer must operate.
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Written permission given by a youth program or governing body to an sponsoring institution to form, organize and maintain a unit of the movement.
a contract between the Boy Scouts of America, and a unit sponsoring organization, that must be renewed annually
a permission for corporations to exist
See: Articles of incorporation
A document, filed with a U.S. state by a corporation's founders, describing the purpose, place of business, and other details of a corporation. also called articles of incorporation.
May mean either the document filed with the Secretary of State (articles of incorporation) or the grant by the State to conduct business with limited liability.
School Enrollment.  Total number of resident district students enrolled in Charter Schools.
a contract between an organized group and a state-authorized body that allows that group to set up and operate a new public school, a school with significant autonomy from traditional education regulations
a contract between a public school and the local school board that lets the school depart from certain district policies
A person who makes charts. A job similar to a cartographer. (E.g., The charts prepared to show Congress that the airlines are indeed viable in spite of losing money for years and years were prepared by a charter.) [Not to be confused with a “Charo-ter,” which is a Cuchi-Cuchi groupie.
The fundamental law of a municipality or other local unit of government; analogous to a constitution.
a home-rule constitution that lets a county create its own governmental structure rather than follow the format established by the state, which includes boards with only five commissioners
A set of principles that form the constitution of an organisation.
a perfect way for families with kids to get out onto Puget Sound and enjoy its breathtaking scenery and wildlife
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engage for service under a term of contract; "We took an apartment on a quiet street"; "Let's rent a car"; "Shall we take a guide in Rome?"
a contract between a Research Group and the IRTF to conduct research in the designated area
a contract between a working group and the IETF to perform a set of tasks
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A series of statements of what a citizen can expect of service from a government department.
This is the standard of service the force aims to provide to our citizens. It is to treat everyone with dignity and respect, where steff act with the highest degree of integrity and cars especially for those with special needs.
a developer of global electronic communication products and services
a globally recognised qualification, symbolising the highest standards of professional and ethical values
a globally recognized designation awarded to individuals who
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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Chartists
a great father's day or birthday gift, and is also an excellent way to show employees or business clients they are important to you
an excellent forum in which to meet your colleagues, share experiences and learn about district issues
A statement of test objectives, and possibly test ideas. Test charters are amongst other used in exploratory testing.
A statement of agreement of responsibilities. A formal written strategy that a person or group has undertaken.
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AIMS workstream plan detailing the objectives, deliverables, key activities and critical success factors of that particular piece of work.
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hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services
a family business, which has developed into a high standard famous yacht rental company
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A flight that has been contracted to fly from one city to another.
a flight that goes to a place only when their are people willing to go there
a rigorous course that requires dedication and commitment
a voluntary commitment agreed on by industry associations and defines criteria for the increase in black ownership, management and skills development for a period of ten years
a key goal for a majority of students
The Charter sets out the University's purpose, its distinctive character, mission, values and goals.
a special kind of legal enactment by which a state confers on an independent body exclusive rights, powers and obligations
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the governing ideals of the guild. See the Guild Charter.
an approval to conduct business as a financial institution (credit union)
Government authorization to do business. A credit union or other financial institution must have a charter with a state or the federal government.
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a recognition by the issuing agency
a bank's license to operate
an agreement that governs the manner in which the bank is regulated and operates
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an assurance from one party to another, and cannot be from the same party to itself
an intensely long and difficult process
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To establish by charter.
a high quality product for local and international sites
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a trust to one or more persons for some given benefit
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See Project Charter [D00228