Definitions for "and he"
Keywords:  pafox, astrobiology, potomac, cba, qaa
a Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) from The Institute of Business Appraisers
a member of the Harvard/MIT node of NASA's National Astrobiology Institute, an external faculty member at the Santa Fe Institute, and an Associate Member of the Earth System History Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
a member of The New Zealand Professional Fly Fishing Guides Association
a Brawler/Powerhouse and me being a fast pased Flyer made the match an Unusual one to say the least
an automatic choice as speaker at any seminar aimed at archivists
a past National and International President of NSAA and the International Federation for Professional Speakers
a vice president at East End Properties, a real estate development firm
Keywords:  detainee, ghost
a ghost detainee
Keywords:  heeler, pointer, blue
a pointer X blue heeler
Keywords:  ecw, him, huge, still, happened
a business owner yet this "still happened" to him
a huge part of ECW - and it looks like he still has great performances in him
Keywords:  greencard, holder, applying
a greencard holder He will be applying for US
Keywords:  freak, bit, control
a bit of a control freak
Keywords:  bodybuilder, eight, american, time
an American bodybuilder and an eight-time Mr
an accomplished leader with a history of notable achievements in the music and radio industries
Keywords:  analyst, chartered, financial
a Chartered Financial Analyst
Keywords:  citizen, countries
a citizen of both countries
Keywords:  friend, mine, good, real
a real good friend of mine
Keywords:  household, name
a household name
a local developer that has been awarded government contracts
Keywords:  kind, different
a different kind of Other