Definitions for "Associations"
Their purpose is to establish and administer the rules and regulations governing the credit card business. Mastercard and Visa are the existing bankcard associations
Any entity formed to administer and promote credit cards, including but not limited to MasterCard International®, VISA®, U.S.A., or VISA International®, that are licensing and regulatory agencies for credit card activities.
MasterCard International, Visa, U.S.A. or Visa International, which are licensing and regulatory agencies for Bank Card activities.
Name applied to volunteer organizations serving at the local and state levels for the betterment of USBC.
Geographically defined membership grouping established by the council Board of Directors, as provided for in the council's bylaws, to provide the means for members 14 years of age and over to influence decision-making, to elect delegates to the council, to initiate discussion of issues related to direction-setting and policy-making, and to give input to the council's board of directors regarding major issues.
Membership rosters of professional or nonprofit groups, useful for business-to-business mailings.
Relationships that are not hierarchical nor equivalent but do represent conceptual connections. For example, related terms.
Relationships that are not hierarchical or equivalent, but represent conceptual connections - eg related terms.
An association algorithm creates rules that describe how often events have occurred together. For example, "When prospectors buy picks, they also buy shovels 14% of the time." Such relationships are typically expressed with a confidence interval.
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The associations field (which may appear on a reference or a shadow) is the container for holding association s with other reference s or shadow s. Thus, the associations field contains a list of xref
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People you choose to do business with in NHC Service Center.
Companies, Flying Clubs, Organizations Education Aviation Schools, Flight Simulators