Definitions for "Ifc"
The umbrella organization for fraternities.
Inter Fraternity Council. IFC is the body of social fraternities at Clarkson University. At IFC meetings, fraternities decide on special events, work out any differences, schedule community service, talk about rush, and the like.
Inter-Fraternity Council; male counterpart of the College Panhellenic Association.
Integrated Fire Control. The section of a Nike firing battery responsible for guiding the missile onto its target.
Integrated Function Control (GE). A system that uses computer screens to replace the conventional gauges and dials on a locomotive control stand.
Interferential current therapy.
inheritance Instant Messaging IP IYKWIM
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Industry Foundation Classes
Industry Foundation Class, the product model developed by IAI for the construction industry.
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Intel FORTRAN compiler
A division of the World Bank which makes loans to and takes equity positions in private enterprises investing in projects in developing and transition countries.
a United Nations agency that invest directly in companies and guarantees loans to private investors; affiliated with the World Bank
Intelligence Flight Commander
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Interconnect Focus Center
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Independent Film Channel
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Inside front cover.