Definitions for "associate member"
Designation for a member of a stock exchange who does not have a seat on the exchange.
An organization owned by members which services and obtains processing services for members and functions as a principal/ proprietary member of Visa.
A person who is appointed by the governing body as a member of a committee established by it, but who is not a governor.
a person, who crews on a Class Yacht, voluntarily supports the purposes of the Association and the Intent of these Rules, has been accepted by the Board, and whose Association dues are currently paid
a person who subscribes to the objectives in Article II and does not own a Catalina yacht
a cricket playing country where the game is firmly established and organised
a representative (President or the Secretary) of a newly registered cricket club with MichCA for its first season
a non-owner of a Thistle
a non-qual that has a strong interest in submarines and submarine veterans affairs
a non-Urhobo by birth or marriage who has voluntarily adopted Urhobo ethnicity and culture
a business or other organization
an entity, organization or consortium that has common interests in the objectives of APAN
an entity, organization or consortium that typically coordinates advanced research and education network provisioning within a country/economy or geographical area
an individual student, and every ARMA Study Group is an autonomous independent club, it's still part of a greater whole learning and teaching together
an undergraduate student studying in the fields mentioned in the preamble
a student, government employee, or other person prohibited from voting by his or her employer
a clinician on the faculty of the University of Minnesota who participates in outcomes research
a full-time academic whose primary appointment is in another McGill Department but is associated with this department by research, teaching or graduate supervision
a relatively new player on HiddenWorlds that is interested in joining Macleod, usually because they have experienced some sort of helpful gesture from another Macleod
an individual, current in her dues, with an interest, real or tangential, in the goals of the organization, but is neither a licensed attorney nor a law student
a person who shares the purpose and goals of the Association
a person with an active interest in project management, and who supports the goals, objectives and activities of the AIPM
a believer or congregation that confesses our Confession of Faith and belongs to another Lutheran body
a nationally or locally based company, retailer, supplier, designer or independent sales representative engaged in the manufacture, distribution and/or sales of organizational equipment, supplies or services
an individual engaged in selling products or services to PAs or an individual employed by a government agency
a supplier or a supply company
an individual, firm, corporation or limited liability corporation or company which is not a resident or domiciliary of the State of Louisiana who has paid his current dues
a spouse or one second adult residing in the home
an organization, association, institute, corporation, partnership, manufacturer, dealer, architect, engineer, builder, contractor, planner, consultant or other related group(s) or person(s) devoted to the purposes of the Association
a person associated in the supply chain between the manufacturer and the consumer or end-user of self medication
a person defined by one of the categories below
a person who has been at the College for ten years or more and who is not a retiree according to the above criteria
a person who may be part owner or a charterer
a dentist who has retired from practice in BC or who is registered and/or licensed in another jurisdiction
a company that receives more revenue from wedding professionals than from weddings
a Associate Card (AC) Cardholder who is sponsored by an existing Executive Card (EC) Cardholder account
a person in good standing who has met all the requirements for certification except for the length of experience and/or completion of the examination process
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a person who is a degree holder in any field other than library science and works in a medical or health related library
The term used to describe the period of time that an individual is learning about the chapter.