Definitions for "lambda "
The point of junction of the sagittal and lambdoid sutures of the skull.
the craniometric point at the junction of the sagittal and lamboid sutures of the skull
(Gr. letter L): The craniometric point located at the junction of the sagittal and lambdoid sutures. The site of the posterior fontanelle.
The name of the Greek letter L, l, corresponding with the English letter L, l.
The 11th letter in the Greek alphabet. Lambda is used as the symbol for a wavelength.
Greek letter representing a capital 'L' and written as an inverted V.
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the ratio of the recurrence risk of a disorder in a specified degree of relative to the prevalence of the disorder in the general population. In general, a high value for ë suggests that there may be a genetic component to the disorder. The higher the ë value, the greater potential genetic contribution to the disorder. These values should be interpreted with caution, because ë values can also be due to common environmental factors or other non-genetic causes. [Source: NHBLI/NCBI Glossary
the ratio between actual air/fuel ratio and stoichiometric ratio. Lambda of less than 1 is rich, and greater than 1 is lean.
The measure of the rate at which fuel is consumed relative to electric output, expressed in Btu's per kWh.
Lambda is an interactive Lambda calculus interpreter. It reduces lambda expressions and converts them into the S, K, and I combinators . It has the ability to associate names with lambda expressions , load definitions from a file , and list current definitions . Lambda expressions representing integers are automatically defined as needed.
Lambda is an interactive, graphics-based pedagogical software that helps students of linguistics and computer science practice the typed lambda calculus.
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a non-profit, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender agency dedicated to reducing homophobia and discrimination by encouraging self-acceptance, cooperation, and non-violence
Lambda is a community for the gay minded in Odense, Denmark, founded 1993-09-11. The community wants to strengthen the gays and lesbians identity, and work with other gay communities for justice for Homosexuality.
Smaller lunar evectional constituent. This constituent, with v2, u2, and (S2), modulates the amplitude and frequency of M2 for the effects of variation in solar attraction of the Moon. This attraction results in a slight pear-shaped lunar ellipse and a difference in lunar orbital speed between motion toward and away from the Sun. Although (S2) has the same speed as S2, its amplitude is extremely small. Speed = 2T - s + p = 29.455,625,3° per solar hour.
a commercial system similar to Isabelle but specialised to a classical higher-order logic with polymorphism like the one mechanised in the HOL system
A subatomic particle carrying no charge, having a mass equal to 2183 times that of an electron; it decays rapidly, typically forming a nucleon and a pion.
A point at the juncture of the parietal and occipital bones.
A temperate phage that infects E. coli. Derivatives of phage lambda are widely used as cloning vectors.
A value representing the expected percentage change in the price of an option...
It shows the relationship between a percentage change in the option price and a percentage change in the option volatility.
A ratio comparing change in option price to a 1% change in option volatility.
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A measure of association; a statistic used with nominal variables
A statistical parameter used in calculating BLAST scores that can be thought of as a natural scale for scoring system. The value lambda is used in converting a raw score (S) to a bit score (S').
A statistical term usually referring to population growth
Lambda is the name of a series of Japanese rockets. It consisted of the types Lambda 2, LS-A, LSC-3, Lambda 3, Lambda 4 and LS-C.
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This is LambdaFTP project, a high performance FTP variant. NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR UDT, PLEASE GO TO HTTP://UDT.SF.NET.
Lambda is an easy to use CMS that has the minimal set of features possible. Of course, administrators may choose to extend functionality to their own need.
A liquidity measure from a function of the likelihood that a firm will exhaust its liquid reserve.
a form for function creation
a specific subwavelength of light within one of the windows of light
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a value, and hence can't be mutated
Denotes (1) excess air factor or (2) friction loss coefficient.
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a national music honor society
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see gearing
() : thermal conductivity of a material (W/m.°C). The lower the lambda is, the more effective the insulation against conduction is.
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Load Adaptive Message-Base Data Archive