Definitions for "LSC"
Local Service Confirmation
aka Lecture Series Committee. A student group at MIT whose main contribution is to show $2 movies every weekend. Fun place to go when there's nothing else to do because you can be can be a bit rowdier there than most theaters. For instance, when the projectioner screws up, the audience generally yells "LSC.......SUCKS!"
Local Swim Committee. Missouri Valley is the WKSC LSC.
low-speed line card. Card on the LightStream 2020 ATM switch that can be configured as an edge or a trunk card. An LSC, in conjunction with an access card, supports eight trunk or edge ports (Frame Relay or frame forwarding) at individual port speeds up to 3.584 Mbps, or an aggregate rate of 6 Mbps per line card. See also edge card, MSC, and trunk card.
Link Source Card
link state control. Coordinates functions of the signalling link including signal unit delimitation, signal unit alignment, error detection, error correction, initial alignment, signalling link error monitoring and flow control.
Diskdef macro library parameter specifying the last physical sector number.
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Loopback Select Code
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Lake Superior Center
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Linear Supply Chain
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least significant change
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Legal Services Commission
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Legal Services Corporation