Definitions for "MSC"
Major Subordinate Command
Marine Stewardship Council. an international organization that has developed standards emphasizing environmentally- and socially-responsible criteria to certify well-managed fisheries.
Marine Safety Committee
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Formerly the "Missouri Service Center" but now called the "National Benefits Center" or NBC.
The hub of the network system. Its main purpose is to control calls to and from other telephone and data systems such as PSTN. It plays a major role in subscriber roaming by providing all the necessary functionality involved in registering, authenticating, location updating, and call routing for a roaming subscriber.
Meteorological Service of Canada (formerly, Atmospheric Environment Service)
Manpower Services Commission - set up in 1974 to look at the vocational training of young people. Long since defunct.
merge steering control
Manpower Services Commission. An agency of the Department of Employment, formed in 1974, which organised (amongst other things) vocational training for the unemployed, and following a 1984 White Paper "Training for Jobs" organised vocational qualifications. This function has now been taken over by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications.
acronym for mesenchymal stem cell, a connective tissue stem cell.
Mesenchymal stem cell. A pluripotent cell that differentiates into connective tissue.
Mission Support Cell
Meteorological Services of Canada
Main Service Channel. Used to carry audio and data service components.
Merchant Service Charge. This refers to the rate chargeable to a retailer for each card transaction. This is set by the bank and is based on average transactional value, turnover, type of business and other factors. The charge is levied as a percentage rate on credit and charge card transactions and a flat rate on debit card transactions.
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Monitoring SubCommittee, a subcommittee of JCN to monitor the performance of JANET, now superseded by SPAG.
Mandatory settlement conference. A required conference to discuss settlement prior to a trial.
Market Surveillance Committee, an independent body that oversees the orderly operation of the NZEM. Its powers extend to the admission of members, monitoring the conduct of participants and service providers, and investigating and exercising disciplinary powers conferred by the market rules.
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MIDI Show Control. A control language which is an extended version of the original MIDI language. In addition to a "go" command, cue numbers and other information can be sent as well (in addition to fault reports and safety checks). M.S.R.
Mechanical Speed Control. The MSC is a servo-driven device that uses resistors to regulate power transfer from the battery to the motor as a means of throttle control.
A control protocol that is an extended version of the original MIDI. In addition to a "go" command, cue numbers and other information can be transmitted.
a master's degree in science
Master of Science
(Machine Safety) Abbreviation for Machine Stop Control. An electrically-powered device, external to the E-stop Safety Module, that provides a safety stop by immediately removing electrical power to the hazard and, if necessary, by applying braking to dangerous motion. This stopping action is accomplished by removing power to the actuator coil of either Master Stop Control Element.
Measured Space Correction - proprietary Trimble Navigation GPS data file containing "corrected" location points.
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Manufacturing Skills Campus
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maximum safe concentration
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message sequence chart