Definitions for "Vas"
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A vessel; a duct.
vas = a dish, a vessel.
Latin = vessel (plural = vasa).
Audio: The equivalent air compliance.
The volume of air having the same acoustic compliance as the driver suspension: Cms
The volume of air that offers the same degree of restoring force on the loudspeaker driver's cone as that of the cone's suspension.
Value Added Services VBR
Voice Activate System
Value Added Services oder Mehrwertdienste, die auf Mobiltelefone gegen Verrechnung geliefert werden
Holy Orthodox Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis and Missionary Eparchy of America
Keywords:  vissr, sounder, atmospheric
VISSR Atmospheric Sounder
Keywords:  rainy, retreat, bhikkhu, rain, season
(s) rain, the bhikkhu's rainy-season retreat
The multichannel infrared sounding instrument aboard GOES satellites prior to GOES-8.
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a tubular structure
A service offered by a network or its resellers that generates additional revenue by offering increased benefits to its subscribers.
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Visual Analog Scale
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a tube in which a body fluid circulates
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Vibration Absorber System more...