Definitions for "Provisioning"
In the telecommunications industry, provisioning indicates services and all associated transmission wiring and equipment. Provisioning can also be used to indicate the control of employee access rights to applications and intellectual property. This includes providing employees with user names and passwords, resetting passwords when users forget them and removing user accounts.
The activities required for a telephone company to supply telecommunications service or unbundled network elements.
The act of loading a complete stack of software onto a server so it can begin to deliver services.
Accounting based) The process of setting aside a monetary reserve to cover bad debts or other losses.
An allowance made in the accounts of some export credit agencies for potential losses on their exposure. Some agencies make provision on all new business. Some refuse to make provisioning for political risk, considering that sovereign debts will, ultimately, be repaid. Français: Provisionner Español: Provisión de fondos, constitución de reservas
The provisioning of the RMS Titanic was well stocked for its week long transatlantic maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in April 1912.
The special requirements for each piece of equipment that you need to tell your telephone company about when you order ISDN services.
The combination of device and service options that make up your ISDN line. You order your ISDN line, but the telephone company provisions the line, (i.e., it configures your ISDN service according to the physical capabilities of the switch, as well as the options you choose.)
The process of ensuring that the correct materials and equipment are correctly scheduled to be on hand or in place, in the correct quantities when they are needed.
The process enabling administrators to assign system resources and privileges to users, including employees, contractors and business partners. IT managers may also enforce security policy through provisioning software.
Supply and enable an End User to use the calls and access product
The self-service management of user identity data (e.g., identity, role) in a centralized manner to resources across an enterprise and external enterprise. The resources may have attributes mapped across to multiple applications. The attributes to these resources may consist of the following actions: Add, Modify, Delete, Suspend, Restore, Search, Notify, etc...
Cruise ships consume vast amounts of food every day; as an example, the following is a list of supplies provisioned onboard the Celebrity cruise ship Constellation for an average 7 day cruise.
Have designated feeding sites where food is provisioned, but the primates are otherwise free to come and go, or are restricted to large enclosures or islands where they have been introduced.
Provisioning for sea was just as crucial if not more so in the 19th century due to the lack of modern conveniences such as refrigeration, freeze-drying and canning.
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providing nourishment
The process of assigning storage to data, to optimize performance, cost, and reliability requirements.
making available the resources, hardware and/or software, to satisfy a business need
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